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New Moon Half and Quarter Marathon, Crescent Moon 5K
6:00 PM Saturday, May 25, 2019


Temperatures and humidity are expected to be High Risk for this evening's race. There is a chance of pop-up thunderstorms. Please reference the extreme heat index guidelines and the event Weather Contingency Plan or go the 'News" section at www.greenswell.comPlease hydrate well going into the race, wear lightly-colors breathable fabrics, sunscreen, and we recommend that you carry extra water with you during the race. There is the probability that half marathon distance may be modified. That decision would be made and announced at event time in consultation with medical and safety personnel.

Join us and celebrate the "unofficial" arrival of Summer on Memorial Day weekend for the exciting 6th annual New Moon Half & Quarter Marathon AND the Crescent Moon 5K. The event kicks off fun summer evenings with a Half Marathon (13.1 miles), Quarter Marathon (6.55 miles) and the Crescent Moon 5K (3.1 miles). All three races, which begin and end in the heart of downtown Delaware, Ohio are open to runners and walkers.

The New Moon is a party and celebration of all that is fun on great summer nights - including a festive post-event Celebration Block Party for you and all your friends and family.

The urban run course starts directly in the downtown of Delaware, takes you through historic business district, the neighborhoods that make up the city, through the campus of Ohio Wesleyan University, around the beautiful Mingo Park and alongside the Olentangy River, to an exciting downhill finish back at the heart of downtown. The New Moon Half & Quarter Marathon and Crescent Moon 5K is the must-do running and walking event of the summer.

Who can participate? You!  We encourage runners and walkers of all shapes, sizes and abilities to participate. The course is open and fully supported for three and a half hours. Walker must be able to walk at an approximately 15:30 pace to complete the half marathon.

Participant Perks:

  • *NEW* Overall and Age Division Awards

  • Lifestyle Event Shirt  

  • Live Music and Finish Line Celebration

  • Outstanding Post Race Food & Festive Post Race Party in downtown Delaware

  • Heritage Series Medal - Custom "official" New Moon finishers Medal for the Half, Quarter & 5K. Separate medal for the 5K. 

  • First beer, wine, coffee, or espresso on us! 

About New Moon Half & Quarter Marathon, Crescent Moon 5K

The New Moon Half & Quarter Marathon, Crescent Moon 5K offers runners and walkers looking for a race that is reminiscent of running in your hometown. Located in Delaware, Ohio the city is the perfect mix of urban amenities and rural Midwestern charm. Start and Finish are located in the historic downtown Delaware, featuring a number of craft breweries, local family-owned restaurants and sidewalk cafes, antique stores, arts and crafts, bookstores, historical cinema, and other retailers.

The 6.55 mile course truly features a tour of Delaware, Ohio. The course winds through the City, through tree-lined historic neighborhoods, through the campus of Ohio Wesleyan University, along side the Olentangy River in scenic Mingo Park, and back to downtown Delaware. Half marathon athletes will complete two loops of the course providing them an opportunity to run the course again to the cheers of residents and spectators.

The event has a special open container license so family members can purchase their favorite brew or wine from a local establishment, come outside and watch you at certain spots along the course and enjoy their favorite adult beverage. 

 **FREE** Serving of Whit's Frozen Custard

All participants will get a FREE serving of the famous Whit's Frozen Custard at this year's New Moon Half & Quarter Marathon, Crescent Moon 5K Celebration! After you finish your run or walk, you will be able to enjoy a serving of frozen custard to cap off your evening!

New Drink Choices from Fresh Start Cafe & Bakery

If an alcoholic beverage is not your preference, then we have some additional choices for you - you have a choice of a 16 oz Cold Brew Coffee, Iced Flavor Latte, Iced Chai Latte or Organic Iced Tea courtesy of Fresh Start Cafe & Bakery!

Registration fees

Crescent Moon 5K - No Shirt Entry Closed

No shirt but still receive finishers Medal, Food & 1 Ticket Adult Beverage (if of age)

  1. $34.00
    Oct 1 - May 24

Quarter Marathon - No Shirt Entry Closed

No shirt but still receive finishers medal, Food & 1 Drink ticket (if of legal age)

  1. $58.00
    Oct 1 - May 24

Half Marathon - No Shirt Entry Closed

No shirt but receive Medal, Beer/Wine Ticket (over 21), and all other amenities.

  1. $68.00
    Oct 1 - May 24

Crescent Moon Closed

Registration closed
  • 3.1 miles

    1. $40.00
      Oct 1 – May 15
    2. $45.00
      May 15 – May 24

Quarter Moon Closed

Registration closed
  • 6.55 miles

    1. $60.00
      Oct 1 – May 15
    2. $70.00
      May 15 – May 24

Half Moon Closed

Registration closed
  • 13.1 miles

    1. $70.00
      Oct 1 – May 15
    2. $80.00
      May 15 – May 24

New Moon Quick Notes

WHEN/WHERE:  Saturday, May 25, 2019  Downtown Delaware, OH


END TIME: 10:00 PM

COURSE: 6.55 mile loop, ideal for spectators to cheer (5K is same course but turns at approx Mile 3 at W. Winter to Finish).


Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 2:00-5:00 PM at Barley Hopsters 1 N. Sandusky Street, Delaware OH

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - 4:30-8:00 PM at Oak & Brazen Wine Co. 38 E. Winter Street, Delaware OH

Thursday, May 23, 2019 - 4:30-8:00 PM at Barley Hopsters 1 N. Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH

Saturday, May 25, 2019 - Beginning at 4:00 PM on Race Day next to the Start/Finish Line in Downtown Delaware, OH

RESTROOM LOCATIONS: N. Sandusky Street and Winter Street (Near PNC Bank Location)

PREFERRED PARKING: Delaware County Offices - 140 N. Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015 (Approx 0.50 mile from Start)

WATER STATION: Water and Gatorade

Race Elements

  • The course is OPEN for 3 hours and 30 minutes (3:30); Walkers must be able to walk at a pace of 15:30 per mile to complete the half marathon within the scheduled time.

  • The course is a 6.55 mile loop through the heart of Delaware. The Quarter Marathon is one loop then finish; the Half Marathon is two loops and then finish.

  • The 3.1 mile course the same course as the main 6.55 course; however, athletes will turn at approximately the Mile 3 mark on W. Winter to head to the Sandusky Street Finish.
  • Seven aid stations on course; an aid station at approximately each mile, key spots along the course, and at the intersection of Winter Street and Sandusky Street for the half marathoners starting their 2nd lap.

  • Fantastic course support led by the community and residents of Delaware, the school system, fraternities and sororities, and more.

  • Course entertainment.

  • Entry to the post-race Celebration Block Party, starting at 7:00 pm featuring live music, grilled food, and summer drinks.

  • All finishers will receive a custom New Moon medal. Finishers will be able to enjoy the 1st glass of the summer drink of their choice in the New Moon Celebration Block Party.



Award Structure

Award structure for New Moon Half & Quarter Marathon, Crescent Moon 5K is as follows:

Crescent Moon 5K

  • Top 3 Male and Female Overall Finishers

Quarter & Half Marathon 

  • Top 3 Male and Female Overall Finishers
  • Age Divisions - Top Male & Female Finishers for each of the following age-based divisions:
    • 19 & under
    • 20-29
    • 30-39
    • 40-49
    • 50-59
    • 60-69
    • 70-79
    • 80+

Note: If you registered for the half marathon and started in the half marathon but then decided to complete only the quarter distance, you are not eligible for an award placement. All award winners must start and finish in the distance they registered and started the race. 

DORA Post-Event Celebration - Downtown Delaware

Welcome to the New Moon DORA!

The City of Delaware has launched the Downtown Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) in portion of downtown Delaware historic district. New Moon Half & Quarter Marathon, Crescent Moon 5K will be an official DORA event!

What does this mean for New Moon participants, spectators and Celebration attendees? The DORA allows you and your friends to obtain from one of participating restaurants, pubs, and entertainment venue to carry up to 16 oz of an open alcoholic beverage in a designated cup outdoors!

Don’t worry – your first BEER and WINE is still on us but NOW you can have multiple choices - from a locally-crafted micro-brews to your favorite IPA, from Pinot Grigio to Delaware urban craft wines.

Where do I get my 1st Beer or Wine at the event? 

Delaware has one Outdoor Refreshment Area – and the New Moon Celebration Area is right in the center of it!  Below is a map highlighting the establishments partnering with us where you can get your choice of drink. Positioned outside of each establishment there will be a large RED Feather Banner indicating where you can get your first drink on us! 

Each establishment is offering a different drink including wine. 

Most establishments have a sidewalk patio where you will be able to easily get your drink versus having to go inside. There are other establishments participating in the DORA but if they don’t have the RED feather banner you will have to purchase your drink.

How do I get my 1st Beer or Wine at the event?  Attached to your bib for participants of age is your drink ticket. These are to be redeemed at the establishments indicated on the map and by a Red feather banner. No ticket = No free drink. Any drink after your 1st one or no ticket you will need to pay for your drink.

PLEASE BRING A DRIVERS LICENSE or STATE ISSUED ID. Establishments will be requesting IDs to avoid giving anyone not of legal age a drink. 

Can I buy a drink ticket? No. There will be no drink tickets sold at event. 

Can I walk anywhere with my DORA cup? No, you must stay within the DORA boundaries. Leaving the DORA with an alcoholic beverage breaks State of Ohio and City of Delaware open containers laws.

Can I take my DORA cup back inside the establishment in which it was purchased? No, once a DORA cup has left a business, it must be consumed before you enter any establishment other than a residence. This includes reentering the business in which it was purchased or entering a new business.

Can I take an empty DORA cup into a business so I can reuse it? No, you must throw away a DORA cup before entering any business. 

What types of alcoholic beverage can I have in my DORA cup? Beer and wine are all allowable drinks in DORA cups. Drinks must be purchased from a participating business.

Can I bring my own alcoholic beverage, pour it into a DORA cup, and walk around in the DORA? No, only drinks purchased from businesses participating in the DORA are allowed. No cans, glass bottles, or outside drinks are permitted within the boundaries.

Do I bring the commemorative New Moon pint glass to the event? No, only drinks purchased from businesses participating in the DORA are allowed. No cans, glass bottles, or outside drinks are permitted within the boundaries 

Note: All State of Ohio and City of Delaware laws regarding public intoxication, impaired driving, and open containers apply to areas both inside and outside of the DORA boundaries. Please drink responsibly. 


Corral Start

We have established a corral system to allow the field of participants to spread out nicely along the course route. We have those who plan to run fastest in the half and quarter marathon towards the front, and those who plan to walk towards the rear. During the registration process, you will be asked to predict your expected minute per mile pace for your respective distance. You can change your corral up to April 15 (bibs are printed after that date).  You can always move back to a slower corral on race day if you need to, but you will not be permitted to jump to a faster corral. The corrals will go one after another and your start time will not begin until you cross the starting line.

Course Route - All Distances


Course Hydration Stations/Medical

There will a total of seven (7) aid stations on the course containing water and hydration drink, at the following locations:

  • Aid Station #1 - Mile 1.25
  • Aid Station #2 - Mile 2.25
  • Aid Station #3 - Mile 3.25
  • Aid Station #4 - Mile 4.25
  • Aid Station #5 - Mile 5.25
  • Aid Station #6 - Mile 6
  • Aid Station #7 - Mile 6.5 (half and quarter split)

If heat index exceeds 80 additional hydration stations will be added:

Aid Station #8 - Mile 3.7


  • Finish Line
  • Mile 2
  • Mile 3.5
  • Mile 5


Heat Index/Temperature Policy

If race day is significantly hotter than the preceding days, or if the few days leading up to and including race day are extremely hot, then the risk of exertional heat stroke is much increased.  There is the possibility that as runners and walkers will either not be acclimatised or else they may start the race already dehydrated from previous heat exposure. If this is the case, the following activity and awareness activity will take place:

  • Announcements leading up to race day warning participants of heat risks and recommending hydration increase leading up to the event
  • Pre-race announcements of current temperature and heat index and recommend pre-race hydation
  • If Heat index >72 -80 (see below) chart pre-race, aide stations on course will increase to (8) or (9)
  • If Heat index >80- 88 pre-race and expected to be the same or increase during the race, race will be modified to quarter marathon 
  • If Heat index >88 pre-race and expected to be the same or increase during the race, race will be postponed or suspended

During the event, a graded flagging system based on the Heat Stress Index (HSI) has been devised. According to this system:

- Black flag (extreme risk, HSI > 88):  If cancellation is not possible participants will be advised of the risks and not to compete.

- Red flag (high risk, 80 > HSI > 88): All runners will be made aware that heat injury is possible. Those susceptible to heat will be advised not to compete and all runners urged to slow their pace and hydrate adequately.

- Yellow flag (moderate risk, 72 > HSI > 80): Participants with high risk for heat stroke will be recommended that they withdraw.

- Green flag (low risk, 72 > HSI)

Inclement Weather Policy

Weather forecasts will be monitored prior to the event paying special attention to the possibility of heavy rain, thunder and lightning, high winds and extreme temperatures. If necessary, athletes will be made aware of these predictions on the Greenswell website and on our Facebook so that participants can properly prepare for severe weather during the race as well as possible course alterations. Severe weather updates will also be sent to participants via email as necessary.

The Event Director and Safety Director will monitor the weather and make a decision if any action will be taken to modify the race. Possible changes include: altering the start time for the race or in extreme situations, cancellation of the event. Please listen closely to all public address announcements at the starting line of the race.

Visible lightning will cause the race to be postponed for a minimum of 15 minutes. Additional sightings will continue to delay the race in 15 minute increments.

If heat is predicted, extra water and hydration stations will be provided to the athletes, both prior to, during and after the event. The medical team will be alerted that athletes may require additional medical attention during and after the event due to the high temperatures. If it is felt that it is unsafe for participants to start the race due to severe heat that race may be suspended or cancelled.

Race personnel reserve the right to delay, cancel, or suspend the race due to inclement weather. Participants must abandon the race if ordered to do so the race personnel, medical staff, fire or police officers.

Transfer, Deferral Policy and Procedure

IMPORTANT- You will be required to acknowledge the policy guidelines during registration.


  1. Race entries and/or Race Bibs can be transferred to another individual up to May 15. No transfers will be permitted after May 15.
  2. The individual transferring ("Transferer") must initiate the transfer. This is performed by you (you do not need to contact the race organizer) through the registration system. There is a button located on the main event registration page that initiates the process. Follow the procedures from there. You will need to indicate the individual's email address receiving the transfer.
  3. The individual receiving the race entry or bib ("Transferee") will receive a transfer email and must then within 3 days  register themselves online. 
  4. The transferee be required to pay the current event entry fee less credit for transferer's entry fee paid.
  5. Additionally, all transfers are subject to an additional administrative fee of $10, plus any applicable online registration service fees.

Note: If it is your original intent to Gift someone a registration, please use the Gift Registration feature when you initially register.


  1. You are permitted to transfer up or down in distance (example: move from Half to quarter distance) through May 15.
  2. If you wish to transfer to another distance you must initiate the transfer. Again, this is performed by (you do not need to contact the race organizer) through the registration system. There is transfer button located on main event page.
  3. Any distance transfers "up" to a longer distance will be required to pay the difference between the entry fee paid and the current entry fee for the longer distance selected.  There is no refund or credit for transfers "down" in distance.
  4. Any distance transfers are subject to an additional administrative fee of $10.00, plus any applicable online registration service fees.


  1. There are no injury deferrals for this event. You are able to Transfer your entry or transfer "down" in distance per the guidelines listed above.


  1. There are no refunds for this event, No refunds are given for injury, pregnancy, or any other medical conditions. 

Top Donors

# Name Amount
1 Anonymous $250.00
2 Jenine Skowron $100.00
3 Thomas Seelbach $25.00

Event Schedule

  • May 25 4:30 PM EDT - Athlete Check-in Event Site Begins

  • May 25 5:30 PM EDT - Athlete Check-in Event Site Ends

  • May 25 5:40 PM EDT - Event Formation Begins

  • May 25 6:00 PM EDT - Event START

  • May 25 6:30 PM EDT - Block Party Begins

Contact Information

Event Location

Delaware, OH, United States

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