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The Purdue University Center for Cancer Research brings together the best minds from within Purdue University and beyond to study cancers where they start — inside the cell. Using the combined expertise of scientists from disciplines as varied as engineering and veterinary medicine, biology, and chemistry, the Center for Cancer Research promotes discovery into how cancers develop, progress and respond to treatment. Our work leads to the advancement of new medicines, early detection and diagnostic methods, more effective treatments, and highly efficient drug delivery systems.

As a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center, the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research is making significant contributions to emerging technologies such as cancer vaccines and combination chemotherapy. We specialize in translational research that saves lives by translating laboratory findings into new and innovative therapies as quickly as possible. 


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Purdue Swim and Dive

Raised: $5,248.14

Sisters for Life

Raised: $5,238.42

Tyra's Trotters

Raised: $2,890.46

Run 4 Rachel

Raised: $1,948.07

McMillin Moles

Raised: $1,617.04

Boiler Up Cancer Down

Raised: $1,551.17

Steve's Squad

Raised: $1,407.76

Kiss It Cancer

Raised: $1,357.66


Raised: $897.91


Raised: $704.30

Tempest Homes

Raised: $560.68

Trader Lab- MCMP

Raised: $556.72

BL’s Herd

Raised: $496.52

Peeps with a Purpose

Raised: $485.85

5k inSANDYty

Raised: $460.93

Yellow Submarine

Raised: $430.55

John's Cancer Crushers

Raised: $429.07

Canadian Boilers

Raised: $426.16

Myers Crew

Raised: $421.84

"Sister Act"

Raised: $323.58


Raised: $262.52

Boiler Babes

Raised: $240.88

Purdue Chemistry

Raised: $215.72

Team Dawnie

Raised: $169.42

Hope Abounds

Raised: $164.08

Two Civis

Raised: $137.34

Team Conley

Raised: $135.51

Chi-Os for Cancer Research

Raised: $135.51

Team Fine

Raised: $115.04

Bears are fast

Raised: $109.69

Mayflower Mill Bosom Buddies

Raised: $107.86

Purdue School of Languages and Cultures

Raised: $107.86

Shoemaker Cooperative

Raised: $105.27

Salud Revenue Partners

Raised: $82.95

Sturm Strong

Raised: $55.30

Purdue Club of Chicago

Raised: $55.30

Ledman Family

Raised: $54.39

Sloth Running Team

Raised: $54.39

Not all Heroes wear capes: Team Student Life

Raised: $54.39

SigTrans Running Club

Raised: $44.61

Brew Crew

Raised: $39.26


Raised: $31.26

The Gustus Family

Raised: $27.65

Better at Runnin' up a Tab

Raised: $27.65

Special Olympics Unified Fitness Club

Raised: $27.65


Raised: $27.65

Purdue Alumni Club of Fort Wayne

Raised: $27.65

Poppa Lane

Raised: $27.65

Krusemark Lab MCMP

Raised: $27.65

Composite Crew

Raised: $27.65

Living Our Best Life With Poppa Lang

Raised: $25.00


Raised: $22.30

Muddley Crew

Raised: $11.61

Kappa Alpha Order

Raised: $11.61

Team Leslie

Raised: $11.61

It’s ok

Raised: $6.26


Raised: $5.00

We're Here for the Beer

Raised: $5.00


Raised: $5.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Apr 14 Karen & Barry Diekelman Undisclosed amount
Apr 14 Priscilla Dobbins Undisclosed amount
Apr 13 Anonymous $100.00
Apr 13 Katherine Michlitsch $107.86
Apr 13 Zack Dwenger Amanda, I hope all is well! You are right-cancer sucks and losing a loved one to is something we both hope we can beat with this! $54.39
Apr 13 Aunt Barb and Uncle Bob $54.39
Apr 13 Warren and Vivian Rose Go, Klinks, go! $54.39
Apr 13 Cynthia Atkins-Duffin Undisclosed amount
Apr 13 The Stucky family $54.39
Apr 13 Jason Kase Go! Go! Go! $268.30