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Join the Everest Challenge

Location: TCF Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN. (420 SE 23rd Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55455)
Race check-in: 30-45 minutes prior to event time near Minnesota Tribal Nations Plaza (West end of the stadium).
Same day registration: is possible at the race check in location.  
Parking: is available around the stadium, $4-$6 | Parking Map
Public Transit: The Metro Transit Green Line stops right next to the stadium.

Virtual Climber: Back this year! Have a medical condition that prevents you from climbing?  Or you’d just rather stay in the shade or the clubroom?  You can still join in the fun and support the cause.  Registration is $30 but you can donate more!  You can still get the great C4KC shirt, but must you pick the shirt up at the stadium on event day.

The Piggy Bank:  Climb the lower bowl!  Smaller steps. Great for kids, families and those that just want to take it easy and have fun. 2,536 Stairs (1,267 up and 1,267 down), 760 ft. of elevation rise. Average finishing times are around 41 minutes, winning time 17 minutes.

The Big Bank: A Tour de State, Climb the entire stadium!  6,054 Stairs (3,027 up and 3,027 down) 1,785 ft. of elevation rise.  Average finishing times are around 54 minutes, winning time ~30 minutes.

The Burly Bank: Climb the entire stadium over and over until your calves just can’t take it any more.  Must climb the Big Bank completely and then return to the starting point.  You can start as early as 7 am and the last time through the stadium must be started by 11 a.m. and conclude by 12 noon.  Your fastest lap will be considered for Big Bank placing.  Record is 6 laps through the stadium!

Summit Stroll 2K:  Leisurely stroll, or run, along the top of the stadium, then around the mezzanine to cross the finish line.  This option is great for those who have challenges with stairs but still want to do something active.

Purpose: FUN!  And to help in the fight against kidney cancer! This year we want to raise $73,820 (one dollar for each new person diagnosed with kidney cancer in the United States) to fund research scholarships to help attract some of the brightest young minds in Minnesota to pursue a career in kidney cancer and present their findings at national meetings.  Our goal is to have 738 participants register and we will get a $5,000 donation from an anonymous donor.  Each registered person represents 100 patients diagnosed in the US each year  FAQ

Who likes this event? Everyone!  If you’re a serious racer or athlete, the timed race through 6,054 stairs will challenge you (3,027 up and 3,027 down).  If you just want to have fun, come climb as many or as few stairs as you please or do the summit stroll.  Every little bit helps us to #conquertogether  The lower bowl has half-stairs and handrails and at anytime you can step out of the course and walk over to the elevator to the Club Room.  Be sure to pop some kidney cancer cells (balloons).  Early Bird Registration goes through April 30th, midnight (Adults $35, College/University Students and Kids 10-18 $25.00, under 10 free),  Then $45, $25, free respectively May 1st-Aug 21st.  After Aug 21st, and same day registration $55, $35, free and t-shirts sizes cannot be guaranteed.  If you are a university or college student, you must show your school ID at race check-in.  All climbers get a complimentary shirt with registration.

Registration fees

Adult | Competitive or Casual Climb Choices

Price changes in 10 days 12 hours
  • Everest Challenge and Climb To Space Team Challenge sign up available inside!

    1. $35.00
      Now registering Feb 19 – May 31
    2. $45.00
      Jun 1 – Aug 21
    3. $55.00
      Aug 22 – Sep 5

College Students & Youth 10-18 Years Old | Competitive or Casual Climb Choices

Price changes in 3 months 12 hours
  • Everest Challenge and Climb To Space Team Challenge sign up available inside!

    1. $25.00
      Now registering Feb 19 – Aug 21
    2. $35.00
      Aug 22 – Sep 5

Kids 9 and Under | Casual Climb and 2K Summit Stroll Options Only

Everest Challenge and Climb To Space Team Challenge sign up available inside!

  1. Free
    Feb 19 - Sep 5

Virtual Climber

Everest Challenge and Climb To Space Team Challenge sign up available inside!

  1. $30.00
    Feb 19 - Sep 5

Top Donors

# Name Amount
1 Monica Dooner Lindgren $107.35
2 Ian Schwartz $107.35
3 Anonymous $107.35

Top Teams


UMN Medical School Class of 2022

Raised: $107.35


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Raised: $107.35


Urine Good Hands

Raised: $81.58

Top Fundraisers


Nam Truong

Raised: $27.48

Contact Information

Event Location

TCF Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN, USA

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