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$2,040.00 Goal: $5,000.00

Help us raise money for participating in MILES FOR MIGRAINE - VIRTUAL RACE

Our story…

I have been battling migraines for over 40 years and now I have chronic migraines. I will not go into details on how it has robbed me of days of work, days of fun with family and friends. I totally understand the social stigma that exists in the work place and among friends.
In the last few years my migraines, though more frequent, have been less severe, thanks to the excellent care of my wonderful neurologist and the help of my thorough and caring acupuncturist. What saves me too is that I try to keep a positive attitude.
I am very grateful to have discovered Miles for Migraine through the National Headache Foundation who has provided me with support for over 15 years. With Miles for Migraine we can help raise awareness as well as funds to show our representatives and our senators "on the hill" that we need more funding for research and for training specialists who understand better what this debilitating disease is all about, find an appropriate treatment and eventually a cure.

Team members

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Francine Chough

Raised: $235.00

Team leader

Sherry Smith

Raised: $185.00

Gary Netzer

Raised: $0.00

Jean Chough

Raised: $0.00

John Hernandez

Raised: $0.00

Linda Fuchs

Raised: $0.00

Megan Madden

Raised: $0.00

Sherry Charles

Raised: $0.00

Susan Strieff

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Valerie Chades

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Recent donors

Jun 07 Annette Dincelli As a fellow migraine sufferer, I'd be there in a heartbeat but I have family arriving that day. Thanks for all your hard work, Francine. $50.00
Jun 06 Susan Jostrom Cheering for you! $100.00
Jun 05 Cary Kopczynski and Company $500.00
Jun 05 Natacha Chough $115.00
Jun 03 Eliz Moor Francine Martini Chough rocks! $50.00
May 27 Jean Chough Let's raise funds for more research! $100.00
Apr 30 Sherry Smith Undisclosed amount
Apr 30 Megan Madden Undisclosed amount
Apr 26 Anonymous $50.00
Apr 13 Gary Netzer $50.00