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The Royal is a place where mind matters as we discover the mysteries of the brain and translate our findings from bench to bedside. It is a place where we never give up on the potential of people. As one of Canada’s foremost mental health care and academic health science centres, The Royal focuses on full psychiatric rehabilitation, specializing in treating people across Eastern Ontario with complex and serious mental illness.

As a not-for-profit organization, the Royal Ottawa Foundation reinvests all earnings into giving patients and clients high-quality care, finding answers to the toughest mental health cases, and training the next generation of doctors and researchers. Reinvestment lays the foundation for everything we do, and because The Royal is at the forefront of mental health care and research, we see our supporters as co-visionaries who imagine the unimaginable.

Every donation to The Royal makes an impact on the lives of our patients today and in the future. By enhancing the environment and quality of life of our inpatients and those in the community or advancing research – we are grateful for your support.

En tant qu’organisme sans but lucratif, la Fondation de santé mentale Royal Ottawa réinvestit tous ses revenus pour offrir aux patients et clients des soins de grande qualité, trouver des solutions pour traiter les cas de maladie mentale les plus complexes et former la prochaine génération de médecins et de chercheurs. Ce réinvestissement constitue le fondement de toutes nos activités, et comme le Royal est à l’avant-garde des soins et de la recherche en santé mentale, nous considérons les donateurs qui nous soutiennent comme des co-visionnaires qui partagent notre mission d’imaginer l’inimaginable.


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Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health

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May 30 Kyle McCumber Go Tood Go! $50.00
May 30 Brian Shannon $30.00
May 27 Karsten This is a good thing. And you, sir, are a good man. $25.00
May 22 Sylvie Heartfield Tracy, you are an inspiration to us all. Love your positive attitude during this pandemic, and your dedication to support a great cause! $50.00
May 22 Mum & Stan GO KELLY! SO PROUD OF YOUR EFFORTS! $50.00
May 21 Ho Family $100.00
May 21 Brent have fun and git'r done! $50.00
May 21 Carol Patterson Easy to support you from the comfort of my chair Tracy. Thank you for doing this. It's a great cause. $25.00
May 21 Ana Miura Go Kelly Go! $25.00
May 20 Elina Hill Love you!!!! $50.00