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Spinal Cord Injury BC connects people with spinal cord injuries and related physical disabilities with the support and resources they need. We’re dedicated to helping people with a new injury, their families, and those faced with the challenges of living and aging with a disability.


Sponsor one of our team members today or make a donation to our whole team—your support has an enormous impact! You’re helping people a spinal cord injury adjust, adapt, and thrive.

Together we’re transforming lives!

Team members

Click on one of our team members below to make a donation.

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Kirsten Sharp

Raised: $11,380.00

Codi Punnett

Raised: $6,000.00

Ed Milligan

Raised: $5,140.00

Karin Kratz

Raised: $3,715.00

Shelley Milstein

Raised: $2,698.02

Chris McBride

Raised: $2,650.00

Susan Cush

Raised: $2,520.00

James Shaw

Raised: $2,515.00

Bob Slater

Raised: $2,000.00

Kim Egger

Raised: $1,950.00

Kate McBride

Raised: $1,900.00

Kristen McBride

Raised: $1,880.00

Scott Heron

Raised: $1,770.00

Scott James

Raised: $1,695.00

Bert Abbott

Raised: $1,635.00

Karen Gillespie

Raised: $1,575.00

Jennifer Strong

Raised: $1,500.00

Teri Thorson

Raised: $1,375.00

Darlene Hole

Raised: $1,100.00

Gord Rant

Raised: $1,060.00

Brandy Stiles

Raised: $945.00

Ben Mortenson

Raised: $810.00

Nicole Talosi

Raised: $805.00

Rob Sorensen

Raised: $775.00

Heather Lamb

Raised: $760.00

Terry Chen

Raised: $730.00

Paulo Guerrero

Raised: $720.00

Bernice Wong

Raised: $635.00

Bruce Gillespie

Raised: $625.00

Lori Slater

Raised: $600.00

Ryan Clarkson

Raised: $575.00

Jocelyn Maffin

Raised: $565.00

Leo Sammarelli

Raised: $550.00

Susie Jackson

Raised: $525.00

Caitlyn Mah

Raised: $510.00

Chris O'Neil

Raised: $450.00

Sheila Quinn

Raised: $450.00

Alison Brierley

Raised: $425.00

Nancy "Tulip" Harris

Raised: $400.00

Carina Xu

Raised: $375.00

Marney Smithies

Raised: $375.00

Viel Gabinete

Raised: $350.00

Ryan Schuck

Raised: $325.00

Alison Duddy

Raised: $320.00

Jenna Wright

Raised: $315.00

Rona Danbrook

Raised: $300.00

Holly Birch

Raised: $295.00

Olivia Rey

Raised: $265.00

Don Danbrook

Raised: $250.00

Jeff Smithies

Raised: $250.00

Alison Gelz

Raised: $225.00

Noreen Segui

Raised: $225.00

Gillian Orris

Raised: $215.00

Chelsey Arthurs

Raised: $200.00

Jiwan Gill

Raised: $200.00

Brandon Loree

Raised: $150.00

Yana Roney

Raised: $100.00

Tara Llanes

Raised: $100.00

Jessica Loxton

Raised: $100.00

Isaac Hole

Raised: $100.00

Harry Hole

Raised: $100.00

Eugenie Nishi

Raised: $85.00

Gazal Dhillon

Raised: $80.00

Laurie Edberg

Raised: $80.00

Jogger Rob

Raised: $70.00

Linda Hunt

Raised: $50.00

Rod Bitz

Raised: $50.00

Yan Jing Cao

Raised: $45.00

Deborah Finck

Raised: $25.00

Karen Hodge

Raised: $25.00

Dmitri Ryssev

Raised: $20.00

Alexis Chicoine

Raised: $0.00

Barry Chisholm

Raised: $0.00

Gina Parry

Raised: $0.00

Jeff Smithwick

Raised: $0.00

Sarah Chapple

Raised: $0.00

Tillie King

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 18 Jennifer and Don In honour of Brian and in support of you. You are an inspiration! $500.00
Sep 14 Anonymous $100.00
Sep 10 Larry Johnston Undisclosed amount
Sep 09 Anonymous $50.00
Aug 30 Jens Waesche $25.00
Aug 29 Marjorie Agnew To help Kirsten and in memory of Brian $100.00
Aug 28 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Aug 27 Dianne Mitchell Dear Kirsten. To honour your father and his dedication to this race. $200.00
Aug 26 J and J Ostrander Remembering Brian Sharp as a warm and friendly man who, along with Jan and Kirsten added joy to our pool time in Hawaii $50.00
Aug 24 Paul and Cheryl Meyers We have very fond memories of your Dad and our thoughts for all of you continue to be with you. $25.00