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Aidez Brian à collecter des fonds

Pour participer à Banque Scotia 21K de Montreal Virtual Race 2020


The funds that are raised by the Theresa Foundation are sent directly to the hands of the people of Mnjale where they are used in a variety of ways and include:

• The construction of a community centre and wiring the centre with electricity;

• Sending girls to secondary school who would normally not be able to afford it;

• Sustaining a farming program for Mnjale and for two neighbouring villages;

• Supporting the grandmothers and their grandchildren by providing food, training, medical help, blankets, bicycles, transportation, Christmas dinners and a host of other needs.

A dollar goes a long way in Mnjale!


Donateurs récents

Date du don Nom du donateur Montant du don
Jun 18 Marcie Abracen 100,00 $
Jun 13 Emma Lambert Go Dad Go! 100,00 $
Jun 09 Rob Doyle& Nina Cherney It isn,t your 200 miler but a very worthy cause!! 100,00 $
Jun 09 Sharon Braverman 36,00 $
May 05 Bruce Brown 200,00 $
Apr 10 John Kirk Have a great run Brian! 100,00 $
Apr 10 Gary Mallalieu Keep going Brian! 90,00 $
Apr 04 Scot Diamond Good luck Brian! 100,00 $
Apr 04 Peter Bolla Go Brian Go! 100,00 $
Apr 02 Gerald McEniry Happy to support the Theresa foundation ! 100,00 $