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You are asking yourself "Why should I fund Eric to run? He does it all the time for free!". Here are the answers in FAQ format. Q1-Why is he doing this? It's for a really good cause! Q2- What are you planning to keep Eric challenged? Parks Canada has agreed to release several Kodiak bears back into the wild on the race site. A research team in Wuhan is also hard at work to provide "fast mover" zombies for the day of the race. Q2 - What do I get for a $20 donation? You can suggest a book Eric should read. He will do his best and does not guarantee he will read it since his friends have quite the sense of humor when it comes to fund raising goals. Q3 - OK, so what does $50 buy me? For that price, you can pick an activity you want to try and Eric will be your personal guide, trainer, and Sherpa for the day. (See Q2 for the disclaimer about his evil friends) Q4 - Hmm, what sort of tricks can I make him do for $100? Just contact him and I'm sure he will work out some sort of deal.


By becoming a Literacy Quebec runner or sponsoring a LQ runner in this year's Scotiabank Charity Races your participation will go towards creating more awareness on literacy issues and support the very people who offer free literacy services across Quebec! It is very simple to get involved, just email or call our Race Administrator Chris Shee at or 514 508 6805

If you would like to register yourself as a LQ runner simply click on this link LQ Runner Registration and follow the registration process.

Here is the list of our wonderful literacy members around Quebec you will be running for! Our Members

Donateurs récents

Date du don Nom du donateur Montant du don
Mar 13 Katherine Britt Way to go, Eric! 50,00 $
Mar 13 Alain Roy 25,00 $
Mar 13 Luc Poulette 25,00 $
Mar 12 Ann-Renee Vaillancourt Have a great time Eric. 25,00 $