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Opportunity International Canada designs, delivers, and scales innovative solutions to transform the lives of those living in poverty through sustainable livelihoods and education. Made up of a global network of change-making organizations, Opportunity International strives towards a world where everyone is afforded equal opportunity to live a life with dignity and purpose. It was founded with the belief that the marketplace can be used as a channel and means of economic vitality for poor communities. 

The unique approach works from the bottom up to combat poverty at the roots by establishing a firm foundation through sustainable livelihoods rather than a top-down approach through aid. Microfinance, the use of microcredit and financial services, is employed as a means of poverty alleviation that empowers the poor to drive economic progress. Opportunity International seeks to make an impact that is far-reaching, holistic, and transformative for clients, their families, their communities, and their futures. 5dface2838954.png

We know that behind every target and every statistic are individuals who don’t need hand-outs our long-term subsidies. They are families like our own, with incredible work ethic and big aspirations for their children – families who only need an opportunity to work their way out of poverty. Families like that of Doris in the Dominican Republic:


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Recent donors

Recent donors
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Apr 23 James Warder Undisclosed amount
Feb 08 Family Love you all CA$54.31
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Feb 08 Family Love you all CA$54.31
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Jan 15 Anonymous CA$27.60
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