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Since 1998 Greyhaven has been providing rescue and safe haven for unwanted companion parrots.  We have worked hard to ensure the birds in our care receive everything they need physically and emotionally.  Our goal is to find each bird a new home where it will be successful for many years.  Please support the parrots, whether you run walk or donate every little bit helps.


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Team information

Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Raised: $250.00


Fundraiser information

Isaac Chu

Raised: $50.00

Ann Allaye-Chan

Raised: $50.00

Kevin Chu

Raised: $25.00

Kathy Chu

Raised: $25.00

Catherine Gwyer

Raised: $25.00

Tracy Leach

Raised: $15.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Apr 06 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Apr 04 Ann Allaye-Chan $50.00
Apr 03 Kathy Chu Good Luck with your training! $25.00
Apr 03 Emma Lynn Tiu Run! $25.00
Apr 03 Marianna Chu $25.00
Apr 03 Marianna Chu $25.00
Apr 03 Anonymous Greetings from Helsinki Finland $60.00
Apr 02 Howie $15.00
Mar 30 Anonymous $25.00