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BC Children's Hospital Foundation

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BC Children’s is the only hospital in the province devoted exclusively to the care of children. That means one million kids—including some of the sickest and most seriously injured—count on the hospital for specialized care they often can’t receive anywhere else. Last year, more than 93,000 patients visited the hospital—which not only includes its acute care centre, but also its research institute, mental health facility and rehabilitation centre.


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Jul 09 John Chan Go Julie Go Undisclosed amount
Jul 02 Selina & Gary Go! Go! Go! Undisclosed amount
Jun 30 Jaden Martindale I went to children’s hospital, you all did so much and made my brain surgery so much better, that I just need to pay you all back in some ty $50.00
Jun 29 Julie Ho Go Julie go!! Undisclosed amount
Jun 24 Edmund Lee Hope you'll have a great result Undisclosed amount
Jun 23 Stephanie Song Undisclosed amount
Jun 23 Julie Ho $50.00
Jun 23 Jocelyn Sherk $25.00
Jun 22 Cedric Falc $10.00
Jun 19 Anonymous $5.00