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Dwarf Athletic Association of Canada

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The Dwarf Athletic Association of Canada (DAAC) provides programs promoting health, and designed to improve functioning, adjustment, and build self-esteem for people with dwarfism. DAAC provides opportunities for persons with dwarfism to be integrated into such activities and/or to participate in team sports and physical activity designed to be accessible to our Little Person community. These programs are open to everyone with dwarfism regardless of their level of ability or skill. DAAC is dedicated to conducting outreach and recruitment of all Little People participants to be as inclusive as possible. The programs are not aimed at the selection and training of individuals with a view to developing professional athletes for a career in sport. In addition to children, youth and adults with dwarfism, DAAC’s charitable activities also extend to relieve conditions associated with aging by delivering sports programs to help address conditions normally attributable to old age for people with dwarfism, such as maintaining health, fitness, or mobility and relieving isolation all in an environment accessible to individuals of short stature and their family.    


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Jul 15 Richard Zaworski Congratulations - Michael and Thor. We are rooting for you - your neighbours from 32. $100.00
Jul 12 Anonymous Good luck to everyone competing --do your best and have fun - the best part of athletic competition is the journey and the camaraderie. Undisclosed amount
Jul 12 Peter Southey Undisclosed amount
Jul 11 Anonymous $50.00
Jul 09 Anonymous Hope you have all the success in the world Undisclosed amount
Jul 05 Miriam Redford Best of luck Allan!! $100.00
Jul 05 Anonymous $10.00
Jul 04 Marlon Arscott Good luck Allan! $50.00
Jul 04 The Moore's We are so happy to help you do what you do, because you do it so well! Undisclosed amount
Jul 04 Lisa J. Undisclosed amount