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All funds raised through the SPF Superstars team will support the greatest needs of patients and residents across Providence Health Care. These include Enhanced Patient Care grants, which enable Providence Health Care staff to submit a grant request for up to $5,000, to fund a specific need within their area that will enhance patient care. In the past, grants have supported cooking programs, art supplies, musical instruments, patio furniture, gardening materials, pocket talkers, traditional Indigenous blankets, and more.

Your contribution to greatest needs supports essential services, programs, and equipment that may otherwise not be funded through traditional channels. Please donate today!


On behalf of every patient, resident, family member, and department across St. Paul’s Hospital and other Providence Health Care hospitals and long-term care home in BC, thank you for your generous support.

Team members

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Amanda Oldershaw

Raised: $375.00

Team captain

Cindy Paddon

Raised: $200.00

Brittany Thomson

Raised: $145.00

Mel Munroe

Raised: $140.00

Jack Paddon

Raised: $0.00

Miles Paddon

Raised: $0.00

Suja Tarrant

Raised: $0.00

Tonie Castro

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 14 Judy Finch Go Amanda Go! $25.00
Jun 14 Julie Newcomb Enjoy the run! $50.00
Jun 11 Gramps Paddon Good luck you guys $50.00
Jun 10 Melissa Dawson Way to go! $50.00
Jun 10 Anonymous Well done! Good luck keeping up with your mom, boys. Undisclosed amount
Jun 07 Shaena Have fun Muggs and Britt!!! Undisclosed amount
Jun 07 Shrek $100.00
Jun 07 Donna McLennan Go Cindy, Jack and Miles! $25.00
Jun 07 Donna McLennan Go Brittany! $25.00
Jun 07 Donna McLennan Go Mel! $25.00