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Raise money for Lurie Center for Autism/MGH

All money raised through the ASICS Falmouth Road Race will help fund the Lurie Center's Family Support Team; a consultative lifeline helping patients & families navigate the difficult medical, therapeutic and life decisions related to caring for an individual with autism. Whether it is a question about insurance, educational support, adult services or a sibling adjustment concern, because of the generous donations collected through this event, the Family Support Team is just a phone call away. They meet one-on-one with families, but also field an estimated 7,500 calls per year, and make an additional 4,500 or so follow-up calls. 

Autism diagnoses are on the rise. The number of patients seen at the Lurie Center is growing steadily with more than 10,000 appointments during the last year. Unfortunately, less than half of the clinical costs are covered by health insurance reimbursements.

Charitable support is essential for the vitality of the clinic and there is an extraordinary opportunity to double this event's fundraising efforts. Thanks to the Nancy Lurie Marks Foundation, every donation received will be matched dollar for dollar.


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Team information

Lurie Center for Autism/MGH

Raised: $6,610.80


Fundraiser information

Jessica Hauben

Raised: $3,289.20

Cameron Vendetti

Raised: $1,016.20

Andrew Goydas

Raised: $769.80

Tracey Turgeon

Raised: $548.40

Marisa Schild

Raised: $373.65

Courtney Rizzitello

Raised: $269.70

Liam Bentley

Raised: $234.00

Una Basak

Raised: $109.85

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
May 28 Roger & Leslie Golden Keep Running, kiddo!! Undisclosed amount
May 28 The Vendetti Family We are so proud of you Drew! You are an amazing runner! Go Drew! 🏃🏻 $109.85
May 28 Mariah MacPherson This is a wonderful commitment, Drew! $28.10
May 28 Diane & James $109.85
May 28 Lucy Moore $28.10
May 24 Lorien Moore $55.35
May 20 Robert & Karen Forlenza Good luck, go Jess! $1,090.85
May 14 The Busch Family Way to go Jess!! 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️ $55.35
May 11 B.I.L $55.35
May 10 Melanie & Marcello Go Jess!!! $109.85