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Raise money for Spina Bifida Association of Greater New England

The Spina Bifdia Association of Greater New England has a mission to build a better and brighter future for all those impacted by Spina Bifida. We serve individuals and families living with Spina Bifida in all 6 New England states. We provide educational, social, and direct financial resources to our members. Our goal is to support, connect, and empower our community.   


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Team information

Spina Bifida Association of Greater New England

Raised: $26,631.17


Fundraiser information

Kim Farrell

Raised: $8,057.85

Kerry Lesslauer

Raised: $3,690.30

James Elliott

Raised: $2,586.82

Dave Balardini

Raised: $2,055.90

Brian Packard

Raised: $2,050.55

Rich Gay

Raised: $1,873.65

Amy Wendell

Raised: $1,109.85

Caitlin Sullivan

Raised: $1,041.45

Chadd Hammond

Raised: $939.40

John Wendell

Raised: $820.90

Linda Grogan

Raised: $722.40

Kara Fox

Raised: $548.40

Jaime Johnson-O'Connor

Raised: $421.20

Ally Hamilton

Raised: $221.40

Kristin Marquis

Raised: $220.55

Heather McDonald

Raised: $165.20

Matt Neal

Raised: $55.35

Sean Farrell

Raised: $50.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jul 22 John Costello $109.85
Jul 22 Kirby Matthess woo hoo!! Thanks for all you do for such a great cause! $55.35
Jul 22 Go John! $109.85
Jul 22 Go Amy! $109.85
Jul 22 Nicole + Haven Mower Love you! $55.35
Jul 22 Mo You are a good person. Good luck on the run $109.85
Jul 21 Lu-Ann Good Luck Rich! $28.10
Jul 21 Brian, Court & Roxy $109.85
Jul 21 Mary Ellen Sullivan Have a great race! Love, AME $109.85
Jul 21 Beth and Dave Batanglo So proud of my baby brother!!! $55.35