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A local 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Hannon Foundation Inc. was formed to assist families in eastern Massachusetts who are in financial crisis due to a parent’s loss of employment, or a family member’s medical condition. Our goal and our mission is to help our community one family at a time.   


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Team information

The Hannon Foundation

Raised: $31,297.84


Fundraiser information

Peter Hannon

Raised: $6,881.10

Sheila Gray

Raised: $1,982.30

Edward Hannon

Raised: $1,903.60

Patrick Hannon

Raised: $1,571.10

Tom Munger

Raised: $1,543.65

Joe Harkins

Raised: $1,399.35

Nancy Minghella

Raised: $1,285.30

Emily Hannon

Raised: $1,262.85

Nichole Bramwell

Raised: $1,122.34

Ben Boulerice

Raised: $1,116.75

Annie Kelly

Raised: $1,015.90

Jillian Hannon

Raised: $1,001.00

Nick Curti

Raised: $844.05

Marissa Boulerice

Raised: $799.60

Corey Hatch

Raised: $757.15

Michelle Hammer

Raised: $627.10

Shannon Gray

Raised: $605.95

Patrick Kelly

Raised: $566.65

Stephen Gilmore

Raised: $559.40

Kelly Newcomb

Raised: $523.70

Colleen Robichaud

Raised: $516.40

Ryan Fleming

Raised: $475.05

Theodore Schwieger

Raised: $469.20

Paul Miller

Raised: $414.70

William Gray

Raised: $329.00

Carolyn Rodgers

Raised: $325.80

Billy Gray

Raised: $166.05

Recent Donors

Date Name Amount
Aug 02 Nichole Bramwell $532.34
Aug 02 Nichole Bramwell $190.00
Aug 02 Joel Adler $50.00
Aug 02 Nan and Mark Go Nancy!!! $109.85
Aug 02 Kristen Pelletier Good luck!! $55.35
Aug 02 Sandra & Cian 💙 Good luck & Have a great time!! $22.65
Aug 02 Bill Hannon $273.35
Aug 02 Anonymous Good luck, Nancy! $28.10
Aug 02 Jim and Karen Politano Way to go! I am so impressed you are running Falmouth this year, and a great cause. Good luck. $55.35
Aug 01 Martina McGrath $50.00