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For participating in The 2021 ASICS Falmouth Road Race

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My Story…

My name is Heather Craven and I am a mother of 4 to Sydney, Logan, Maddox, and Lillie. In addition to my role as a full-time mom, I am also one half of a dynamic duo alongside my husband Shane, and a full-time Elementary Guidance Counselor in Taunton.
Originally from Stoughton, I currently live in East Bridgewater with my husband and children. In my spare time I serve as the president and founder of a non profit organization for my daughter Sydney Craven (, and I enjoy spending time with our family, and friends.
I have been a huge supporter of NEHA since my son Maddox, or Maddog as we call him, was diagnosed with Severe Hemophilia A at 6 months old. I am running for Maddox, and the entire hemophilia community.
Without the support of NEHA I’m not sure where we would be today. His health and progress is due in huge part to the NEHA organization, community, and the advancement in his hemophilia medication. Maddox is a creative, funny, and energetic 4.5 year old who has not let hemophilia slow him down one bit!
I’m also running today as a personal goal I have set for myself earlier this year. I have found running to be more than simply a form of physical fitness but rather, self-care in these trying and unprecedented times.
What better opportunity than this to support an organization that is near and dear to my heart and family, while also fulfilling a personal goal of furthering my distance running in a race such as this one.
I will forever be grateful for NEHA, and all the love and support we receive from the bleeding community!606e1ac1af752.jpeg

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Recent donors

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Aug 14 Erin Get it girl. You’re the best. $11.75
Aug 14 Logan, Maddox, and Lillie We love you mommy!!!! $10.00
Jul 12 Galvin’s Keep up the good work. We love you guys. ❤️ $28.10
Jul 09 Kelly Donnelly I know what a special and challenging course Falmouth is - you will love it and curse it. You’ve got this mama! Congrats! $28.10
Jul 08 $50. Heather, you are awesome to give your precious time to this cause. My family and I appreciate you & NEHA. Go Heather! The Kelley family $55.35
Jul 08 Rebecca Go Heather!!! 🎉🎉🎉 $28.10
Jul 08 Bill $55.35
Jul 08 Neesha Love you! $28.10
Jul 08 Samantha Get it!👏🏼👏🏼 Also, happy birthday!🥳💜 $55.35
Jul 08 Ashley Caron $25.00