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Why this is important to me!

I lost my running mojo in 2020. While participating in the runDisney Princess Half Marathon weekend in February I became sick. Afterward, I had a slight cough that wouldn't go away completely. I got checked out in March and they said to just give it a few more weeks. The cough seemed to improve some for about a week or two then took a few steps backward.

In the past, I would get one nasty cold each winter and up with bronchitis that would linger on for a month or two. This didn't seem as bad as that, so I thought I was okay.

The cough seemed to be caused by allergies and would come and go throughout the spring and summer.

It was a real struggle to train for the Falmouth 2020 Stay-at-Home edition. What should have been normal easy training runs felt like an all-out effort. I could barely run 2 miles and it was at a significantly slower pace. I blamed it on running with a face covering but in hindsight there was more going on.

In August the coughing fits started getting worse. I followed up with my doctor and after a couple telemed appointments and an in-person office visit there was still no definitive cause of the cough so she sent me for a chest x-ray. Still not definitive, but the chest x-ray found a spot on my lung so I was sent for a CT scan. The CT scan found a large growth in my left kidney. In November I had a radical nephrectomy to remove the kidney, adrenal gland, and tumor a little larger than a baseball. When I woke up from surgery the cough was gone!

Doctors guess the tumor was there growing for at least 2 years, possibly as long as 5-8 years. Not exactly early detection, but caught in time before it was able to spread.

I will be raising critical funds and ask you to support me by making a gift.  My goal is $750, and a donation of any amount will make a difference. Please click on the donate button or send your tax-deductible donation to DetecTogether (53 Otis Street, Westborough, MA 01581) and indicate my name in the memo line on your check.


DetecTogether teaches people how to recognize cancer symptoms and work with doctors to accelerate the time to diagnosis. Forty percent of us will be diagnosed with cancer. In many cases you are 10 times more likely to survive when diagnosed early vs. late.

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We believe that ALL people need this life-saving information. DetecTogether delivers its 3 Steps Detect training to high schools, colleges, community groups, organizations and workplaces throughout New England and beyond. Our offerings also include a tailored education for first responders who have an elevated risk of developing cancer because of their exposures at work 

Your support is key to saving lives! 

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