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About DetecTogether 

DetecTogether is a non-profit education and advocacy organization founded to address an unmet need in the cancer world. While it is undisputed that early cancer detection leads to the best health outcomes, no one was teaching people how to identify early warning signs of cancer. Now in our second decade, the mission of DetecTogether (formerly 15-40 Connection) is to save lives by teaching people how to detect cancer early and be active partners in their healthcare.

We Teach People How to Detect Cancer Early to Save Lives 

Detecting cancer early and acting on it quickly is the best way to save and improve lives for the 40% of us who will receive a cancer diagnosis in our lifetime. With our 3 Steps Detect education program, we make it easy for you to recognize warning signs of cancer and empower you to have the right conversations with your doctor, at the right time, to ensure the best outcome.

3 Steps Detect

Our strategy, 3 Steps Detect, is simple and effective. There are more than 100 types of cancer and effective screenings for only four types. In collaboration with our medical advisors, we sorted through the complexity of identifying symptoms and developed an easy roadmap for you to use to tap into this life-saving advantage. It is a simple three-step plan called 3 Steps Detect. 

Knowledge is power when it comes to cancer. 

A sense of invincibility, misinterpreting and minimizing symptoms, and inadequate patient-provider communication are the primary barriers to early detection. We provide the antidote. 

Who does DetecTogether teach?

We believe that ALL people need this life-saving information. DetecTogether delivers its 3 Steps Detect training to high schools, colleges, community groups, organizations and workplaces throughout New England and beyond. Our offerings also include a tailored education for first responders who have an elevated risk of developing cancer because of their exposures at work. We have reached more than 110 fire departments, in six states, including the Fire Department of New York City (FDNY).

Team DetecTogether

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