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My Story…

This summer I will again be participating in a fundraising run for the Herren Project.  I will be running the 7-mile Falmouth Road Race on August 15 with Walter, and our amazing Herren Project teammates. Different races, but two common themes.

1) I’m still not a runner but am 100% committed to putting in the work for the Herren Project.

2) The Herren Project remains an incredible organization that offers a mission to Support, Inspire and Empower those affected by substance use disorder.  In addition, the organization offers a platform of support for family members, and a program for prevention by way of school outreach with a focus on wellness.

On a training run, just before I sat down to craft my fundraising page, Spotify sent me a message by way of The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Snow.  The lyrics that initially drew me in were “The more I see, the less I know, the more I like to let it go” because #truth.  

I decided to take a good listen to the song by way of playing it on loop for my 3 miles (that’s a lot of repeats because my pace is a work in progress/not so bueno).  The lyrics parallel so many stories I have heard by way of my involvement with The Herren Project, and from growing up in a home of active recovery.  (My Dad was over 60 years sober when he passed 2 ½ years ago.  He sponsored hundreds of people, many of whom became dear family friends and willingly shared their stories to help others.)  

To quote the Red Hot Chili Peppers:

When will I know that I really can’t go

To the well once more to decide on?

When it’s killing me

When will I really see

All that I need to look inside

Come to believe that I better not leave

Before I get my chance to ride

I have had the privileged of witnessing the work of the Herren Project, they offer resources for those in need to “come to believe” in themselves and in a life of active recovery.

This is where you come in my friends, can you help me help The Herren Project Support, Inspire and Empower those struggling with alcoholism and addiction?  I know I can count on you, and for that I am incredibly grateful.   

If you have any questions on The Herren Project, or know of anyone that is in need of support, please reach out to me directly.

Thank you for your generosity and be well. 


Herren Project is a national nonprofit organization providing free resources and support for the treatment, recovery and prevention of substance use disorder. 

Services include: 

  • treatment placement assistance
  • long-term recovery support for individuals and families
  • online support groups
  • prevention & wellness initiatives
  • scholarships for treatment, recovery housing, & recovery coaching 

Herren Project was founded in 2011 by former professional basketball player, Chris Herren, who has been in long-term recovery since August 1, 2008. Together we we support, inspire & empower those affected by substance use disorder.

Recent donors

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Jun 15 Peter Coscia Good luck Tara. You got this! $545.85
Jun 14 Brian Naughton $28.10
Jun 14 Peter Crocco Good luck $200.00
Jun 14 John Farro Good Luck Tara! Undisclosed amount
Jun 14 MBC Tara- you are an example to all of us. I know you can do anything. Marilyn $273.35
Jun 14 Brett Larsen Good luck! $55.35
Jun 14 Louis Cole Here in Marietta, GA we have a group of people that support those in recovery and trying to get back on their feet. God Bless your journey. Undisclosed amount
Jun 14 Anonymous $109.85
Jun 14 Howie Spitz Tara Naughton is a SuperStar $109.85
Jun 14 Wayne good luck, great cause $109.85