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My Story…

On August 15th I am running the 7 mile Falmouth Road Race in honor of my 16 year old son Elliot who is now a three time cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with autism at age 3. I will run to raise funds for his incredible school, The New England Center for Children. 

This year the run is especially important to me. In February, after 15 years in remission from a rare, aggressive leukemia he had as a baby, we found a tiny bump on Elliot’s eyelid assumed initially to be a sty or a cyst. After an MRI and biopsy we were horrified to receive the news that in fact his leukemia had returned. 

Devastated to be thrown back into the terrifying world of childhood cancer we turned to Elliot’s team at school to help him get through chemotherapy, long Jimmy Fund clinic days, line placements, new medications, two hospitalizations and painful treatment side effects. Facilitating all of this with Elliot’s severe communication challenges was only made possible by having the skilled NECC team by our side. 

For the past 13 years we’ve relied upon NECC’s skilled teachers, their robust research program and their ability to educate kids like Elliot who have complex behavioral and learning challenges. 

This spring the administration and entire team at NECC went above and beyond, taking each complicated step with Elliot and our family through this medical crisis. 

My 7 miles this year and the funds I hope you will help me raise are part of a huge thank you to NECC for walking with families like ours through their many challenges with skill and compassion. 

Thank you for helping me on this journey and for all of you who had my back this spring. 


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