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My Story…

Hello! I am running the iconic Falmouth Road Race in support of an amazing youth-development organization, Boston Scores!

When I began distance running one year ago, I did it to find relief during the pandemic. My 2 mile “struggle runs”, eventually became 4 miles. Then, 4 miles led me to my first 10K and half marathon all within a year. As I became a more confident runner, the sport became a way for me to fundraise to support the work of amazing organizations doing impactful work. Boston Scores is that organization.

Boston Scores serves ~1,400 Boston Public School students annually using soccer to foster transferrable social and emotional skills like teamwork, leadership, and commitment, which have shown to lie at the heart of personal and academic success. The teams stay together as they move on to the classroom where students engage in hands-on service-learning opportunities and empower students to become change-makers in their communities.

Why do I love Boston Scores? I know the transformative power of sports because of the role that sports has played in my life since I was a young girl. In middle school, I learned my first lessons in leadership on the tennis court. And, now as an adult, when I lace up for runs, I am reminded that I am resilient and powerful, especially when I am conquering hills. Young people need experiences and support to learn these lessons for themselves. Boston Scores teaches these lessons and more to young people every day!

Please join me in supporting this amazing organization and future generations of leaders who will transform their communities and the world.

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