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My Story…

As a young adult, I suffered from stress-induced anxiety—a self-deprecating overachiever, my anxiety would turn to anger which I would release onto those I loved most. My dad, a newbie runner himself, suggested I turn to running as a coping mechanism—and I've been running ever since. I am so grateful for what it has brought to my life: amazing friends, a supportive community, opportunities to spend time with family and nature, a meaningful career. It has allowed me to meet incredibly inspiring people (read some of the other fundraising pages to understand) and share their stories.

But while my life was being positively influenced by running, my dad was quietly developing Parkinson's disease. His story, however, is not one of loss, but of strength. Through his determination and outstanding research by institutions like The Ottawa Hospital, he has found ways to slow the progress of this nervous system disorder through regular exercise and medication. And although the hereditary risk is low (10-20%), I hope the research for a cure continues for the future of my three boys, my sisters, their children, and their children's children. And more imminently for my dad.

So this year, I'm running the Scotiabank Ottawa Half Marathon in support of Partners Investing in Parkinson's Research and dedicating it to the man who showed me the startline to the good life. 

Every dollar counts and goes directly to PIPR. Thank you!

Donate to help Lisa raise money for Tamarack Ottawa Virtual Race Weekend 2021’s fundraising campaign.


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