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My Story…

Hello everyone,


I hope this finds you and your family keeping well and safe during these uncertain times. It has been some time since I have sent out emails to you all. PTI has been fortunate to be able to continue to see patients throughout the pandemic, many of whom have been struggling with injuries to do with working at home and cancelled elective surgeries.


As you may know, I am a proud contributor to Partners Investing in Parkinson's Research (PIPR), a group of dedicated volunteers who raise funds for Parkinson's Disease research at The Ottawa Hospital. Now in their 13th year, they have raised over $1.5 million to fund cutting-edge research for this relentless disease. As a physiotherapist, I have firsthand knowledge of how devastating this disease is for the families of those affected, particularly as I see many of them in their home environment.

Before the pandemic, PIPR participants would gather together to move towards our goal of raising money for the world class research being done here in Ottawa. Now like everyone, we must think differently. Your support in the past has helped to achieve research milestones that are already making lives better. A summary of them can be seen in the points and links below. Your continued support will help to sustain the incredible momentum of The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.

- Developments in understanding how genes contribute to onset and progression of the disease. 

- Development of innovative therapeutic strategies including targeted gene therapy.

- Development of an experimental spinal fluid test to improve diagnosis.

- Discovery of a new genetic mutation that makes some people more susceptible to this disease. 

- Development of a new mouse model that mimics a familial form of early on-set Parkinson’s disease.

- Publication of Canada’s first Parkinson’s care guidelines.

- Parkinson’s discovery points to possible future treatment approaches “Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa may have finally figured out how this mysterious gene protects the brain.”

- Decoding the mystery of Parkinson’s disease “I’m convinced that by entering known risk factors for Parkinson’s into this model, it is indeed possible to predict who will get the disease.”

Risk factors for Parkinson’s disease include:

  - age

  - chronic constipation

  - reduced sense of smell

  - family history

  - chronic inflammation such as hepatitis or types of inflammatory bowel disease,

  - environmental exposures

  - head injuries

  - gender, as Parkinson’s affect more men than women

Let’s Talk Parkinson’s: Hear Drs. Julianna Tomlinson, Tiago Mestre, David Grimes, and Michael Schlossmacher discuss the latest advancements in PD research and answer questions at this virtual event hosted by The Ottawa Hospital Foundation.


This is why once again I am participating in the 2021 virtual edition Ottawa Race Weekend. I will be walking with one of my patients who has Parkinson's Disease on a 2 kilometer journey in stages that we will record and that will be tracked on my page, hopefully including pictures! For them, this is a marathon, and is yet another example of the courage of people who deal with this disease every day.

For those of you whose children had summer jobs tree planting, this will touch your heart. The granddaughter of the patient with whom I will be walking, is studying neuroscience at university. At the end of each shift, when she is dead tired, she is planting a few extra trees to support her grandfather on the walk. When she returns home, one of the incredible researchers into Parkinson’s, Dr. Juliana Tomlinson, has agreed to meet with her to show her the quality of research being done here.

Throughout May and June, PIPR team members will be aiming to raise $100,000 by June 21st. If you're in a position to make a donation to our campaign this year, I would be so grateful. No matter the size of your gift, you'll be supporting vital research; and most of all, you'll be providing hope to all those who live with this unremitting disease.


If you would like to make a donation, you can do so with the links at the top of the page


With sincere gratitude and best wishes,

Pamela Siekierski


"The Spirit of Exploration"

An organic farm in Dunrobin and a passion for the art of distilling is where our journey started.

We are proud to have brought Ottawa a distillery and are equally proud to support the PIPR team members with a cause that is extremely near to our hearts. As a thank you to those who donate, they will be entered into a draw for a stunning bottle of our recently launched Earl Grey Gin. Our entire team here at Dunrobin would like to thank everyone for their time and efforts (no matter the size) in helping conquer this disease.


Donate to help Pamela raise money for Tamarack Ottawa Virtual Race Weekend 2021’s fundraising campaign.


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