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ONERUN supports cancer patients and their families by providing funding to Wellspring London and Childcan. Both of these organizations provide programs that assist with the financial and emotional challenges associated with cancer. 

When you donate to ONERUN, you are helping hundreds of families in our community and throughout the province of Ontario.

*PLEASE NOTE by adding the optional Race Roster processing fee, ONERUN is receiving 100% of your generous donation.


Click on a team below to make a donation.

Team information

Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School

Raised: $25,063.63

Westminster Secondary School

Raised: $13,160.84

Canada Life

Raised: $11,851.83

H.B. Beal Secondary School

Raised: $7,796.28

We're 100% not fit!

Raised: $4,703.68

Parkside Collegiate Institute

Raised: $4,070.85

Deana's Divas

Raised: $3,960.61

Green eggs and Sam

Raised: $3,340.83


Raised: $3,038.46

Strathroy District Collegiate Institute

Raised: $2,985.61

Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School

Raised: $2,922.15

Cirque De Sore Legs

Raised: $2,468.32

London Central Secondary School

Raised: $2,424.14

Chafing Dreams

Raised: $2,403.01

The Rack Pack

Raised: $2,169.05

Theatre Western

Raised: $1,882.07

Fight Like Mike

Raised: $1,854.46

Ramblers Girls - Coach D

Raised: $1,753.43

Rack Pack

Raised: $1,688.04


Raised: $1,604.57

Clarke Road Secondary School

Raised: $1,554.55

Western Women’s Rugby

Raised: $1,429.63

Whitecaps 07 Boys OPDL

Raised: $1,343.50


Raised: $1,307.03

Mind Over Miles

Raised: $1,271.88

The Branding Firm

Raised: $1,132.52

Walking Hand-in-Hand

Raised: $1,116.16

Whitecaps 07 Regional Grey

Raised: $1,071.76

Soo Crew

Raised: $1,043.50

North Middlesex District High School

Raised: $966.85

Fanshawe Women's Basketball

Raised: $945.79

Supper Club

Raised: $851.00


Raised: $811.18

Chicks on Sticks Runners

Raised: $793.73

Lauren Ashley Brand Management

Raised: $790.41

London Whitecaps 08 Regional Boys

Raised: $779.53

Thriving with Suzanne

Raised: $764.13

Running for Ready

Raised: $757.45

Regina Mundi Catholic College

Raised: $754.52

Coldstream K9Crew

Raised: $741.71

South Collegiate Institute

Raised: $699.38

Southwest Academy

Raised: $676.45

Poutine Lovers

Raised: $661.70

Nana Run

Raised: $593.29

Western Wrestling

Raised: $589.23

Whitecaps 07 Regional Blue

Raised: $565.81


Raised: $563.91


Raised: $560.14

She doesn't even run here..

Raised: $550.02

Yes We Wood!

Raised: $537.69

Team Nonni Colizza

Raised: $517.58


Raised: $516.60

Sole Sisters

Raised: $495.56

GoodLife Dream Team

Raised: $463.90

Team Denneny

Raised: $462.95

Ballas for a Dolla

Raised: $432.17

Trinette-Kick Cancer to the Curb for Child Can London On

Raised: $430.53

Western Track & Field

Raised: $379.55

Toboggan Brewing Co.

Raised: $373.40

The Western Fair District

Raised: $345.11

Kickin' Ashphalt

Raised: $324.92

Trails for Tails

Raised: $303.44

London Water Polo

Raised: $272.22

Christie Street Crew

Raised: $244.42

Rocca Elite Basketball Academy

Raised: $244.42

Whitecaps London 06B - Fast and Furious

Raised: $218.54

Kenley & Emma

Raised: $205.32

Western Sport & Recreation

Raised: $186.34

All for 1-run

Raised: $164.86

The Moore Family Crew

Raised: $164.85

Team Gillian

Raised: $163.89

Team Take a Hike

Raised: $143.39

Whitecaps London 06B - The Wolf Pack

Raised: $136.19

Whitecaps 2011

Raised: $136.11

Scrambled Legs

Raised: $109.26

Stubbs family

Raised: $109.26

Blyth Academy London

Raised: $108.31

Are We There Yet?

Raised: $105.83


Raised: $55.60

Mel & Mark Journey of 100km

Raised: $55.60


Raised: $54.63

Team Debbie

Raised: $44.86


Raised: $27.80

Whitecaps 07 Regional coaches

Raised: $25.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jun 12 Nicole Kyriakopoulos Undisclosed amount
Jun 12 Joe Maskell $108.31
Jun 12 Megan Hamilton $27.80
Jun 12 Anonymous Yay, Yuki! $113.68
Jun 12 Victoria & Gianna Fougere $43.90
Jun 12 Kelly Mathers Way to go guy!! $25.00
Jun 12 The Tanton Family $22.43
Jun 12 Sherry Lefler Enjoy the makeup $25.00
Jun 12 Christine White I want to see you put ALL of that makeup on, Lefler. $27.80
Jun 12 Michael Nash $108.31