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Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre

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Abuse is secretive. It is isolating.  It is terrifying.  Every day at Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre we meet brave children and teens who are survivors of abuse. Their stories are heart-breaking and the cases are complicated. For over 35 years we have witnessed the long-term impact that abuse, neglect and/or witnessing violence have on a child's development.  

Boost CYAC is a proven community response to child abuse investigations in Toronto where local community and government agencies provide a coordinated response to child abuse victims. You can take a quick glance at all our programs here.

We believe every child deserves to be safe. But the sad reality is that 1 in 3 children will experience some form of abuse before the age of 16. These children and their families face challenges that many of us can hardly imagine -- which is why our work is so critical. 

Covid-19 has placed additional pressure on Boost CYAC as we adapt and reimagine service delivery to better respond to the needs of children and youth that have been victims of abuse and violence. When a child experiences abuse, they often feel alone and afraid. Boost CYAC’s mission is to ensure that every child feels supported and believed.

Thank you for selecting Boost CYAC as your charity partner for The Constantine Yorkville Run. We are stronger and better for having an amazing network of supporters backing us, especially during these unprecedented times.  

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Recent donors
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