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Raise money for Canadian Cancer Society

With you by our side, the Canadian Cancer Society is leading the fight against all cancers. Because of you, we have more impact against more cancers in more communities than any other cancer charity in Canada. Your generous donations fund:

  • Life-saving cancer research
  • Information and support services for cancer patients and their families
  • Prevention efforts that reduce your risk of cancer
  • Advocacy initiatives that protect the health of all Canadians
  • Thanks to Canadians like you, the Canadian Cancer Society has channeled over $1.3 billion to cancer research since the 1940s. In that time, Canadians’ 5-year survival rate has increased from 25% to more than 60%. In 2014 we invested $121 Million in the fight against cancer. Highlights include:
  • We invested $44 million in Canada’s most promising cancer research. Supporting a total of 408 research projects and awards
  • We dedicated $69 million to our education and support programs


  • More than 5,100 Canadians got the support they needed through a telephone-based peer support program
  • We responded to almost 55,000 inquiries from people with cancer and caregivers
  • We distributed 1.4 million publications on all aspects of cancer
  • Our volunteer drivers drove over 12 million kilometers to bring cancer patients to life-saving treatment
  • We committed more than $8 million to advocacy programs aimed at working with governments and legislators to bring about healthy public policies.

To learn more about the Canadian Cancer Society and how you can help in the fight against cancer head to