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In the heart of the city, the neighbourhood of Yorkville is home to a very important community space. The Common Table is a drop-in space that exists especially for those experiencing homelessness, isolation, dealing with mental health and addictions issues. We work to create a community environment that cares for each other and makes room for all - particularly those who are not welcomed or valued elsewhere.


Caring for the Body
 We create an environment that helps people take the first steps toward holistic healing. This includes 2 healthy, substantial meals each day, and 5 days a week of access to health care services, important referrals, and daily supplies.

Engaging the Mind… We make room for new ideas, thoughts, and creativity. We host lively and fun daily activities in house, like Art Studio, book club, workshops, and field trips, where people can participate together.

Restoring the Soul… We ensure a safe community of acceptance, reflection, listening, and support. We do this by providing free access to weekly in-house psychotherapy, offering weekly reflection and support groups run by community members, and offer connections into our larger Redeemer community programming which includes space for meditation, community, and support.

Inspiring Community… This emerges when we all offer and accept graceful hospitality from each other. Community participants are actively involved in leadership and planning committees, we have paid internship programs and we hire people with lived experience, and we offer a vibrant experiential learning educational program for the wider community, including hundreds of U of T students each year.

We continue to offer meals and comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic for our participants daily.