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Food4Kids Hamilton

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A 10-year-old boy waited outside the locked doors of a school breakfast program. The program was to start at 8:15 and the child stood outside at 7:15 in the dark, in the cold and alone. He explained he had not had any food on the weekend and was hungry. Could he please have some food? This child inspired the launch of the Food4Kids program.

The reality of child hunger became clear through this experience. A steering committee was formed in November 2011 to determine the need and scope of developing a weekend feeding program for at-risk children within Hamilton and Halton. 


A program model was developed with a focus on 3 distinct areas:


1. Food provided in food packages would be healthy

2. Each child in the home would receive their own food package, to ensure nourishment of all children in the home

3. To ensure a non-stigmatizing process to distribute food packages to participants 


We currently facilitate programs in 62 Hamilton elementary schools and 6 Hamilton high schools. Each week, these schools receive 1,300 packages of healthy food to distribute to children enrolled in the program.  

Weekends Without Hunger



Participants aged 4 – 17 years are referred by schools aware of students with limited access to food in their homes.

The school submits a referral and parental permission form. Food items are packed by Food4Kids volunteers and delivered to schools each Thursday morning. 


At the school, the food package is placed into the student’s own backpack helping to shield the child from any stigma associated with hunger or receiving food assistance. Each child in the home receives their own food package.

Programs are 100% funded by community donors and one-time grants. We are not in receipt of any core funding.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Feb 28 Katrina Auld $54.63
Feb 28 Stacey McCoy Undisclosed amount
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Feb 26 Yuehmei Ling $27.80
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Feb 26 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
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Feb 20 Audrey De Koning $25.00