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If you raise $100 or over, you will be entered in to the random draw to win a $10,000, 7-night Alaska Cruise for 2 people, with free roundtrip flights to Vancouver*.


About Lighthouse 

Adjusting to life after a death is hard to understand, impossible to imagine. With the help of donations like yours, the safe space at Lighthouse gives children and their families the security to express themselves, to have their feelings accepted, validated and to build hope for their future.

For over 20 years, the Lighthouse has been the only agency in the GTA offering open ended peer support groups to grieving children and their families at no cost. We are 95% self funded, so rely on the generosity of our community. Please consider making a donation to help Lighthouse.  In 2020, over 300 participants attended our groups, at a cost of $1250 per participant each year, so fundraising is essential.  

Please ask family and friends to support you on your pledge page.

We are in this together, and as a community we can reassure grieving families that they are not alone. Josie, who attends a Children's Group, shared how being with her virtual support group makes her feel. Read the thanks she recently sent to Lighthouse below and hear from Matthew, Austen and Tiffany about how Lighthouse has helped them by clicking HERE

*Please note there is a small service charge associated with making donations*



*Cruise kindly donated by Expedia Cruises.  Check out their new location at 126 Lakeshore Road East.

Prize Details: Celebrity Eclipse July 31st, 2022, 7 Nights with roundtrip flights from Toronto to Vancouver, for 2 guests. Includes Beverage packages, WIFI and Gratuities, and is Balcony Category. Prize is transferable if names are provided by August 31st 2021. Taxes are an additional $280.00 Canadian per person.

Flight Schedule and details will be provided by October 31st 2021. Prize Winners will be responsible for any costs associated with adding extras guests and or changing flights to different dates before or after cruise. The prize cannot be cashed in or changed.


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Team information

Encore Engagers

Raised: $35,540.05

Nova Health Club

Raised: $7,028.97

The Six-Pack

Raised: $4,202.41


Raised: $3,379.44

Expedia Cruises Oakville South

Raised: $2,878.32

Oak Park Chiropractic

Raised: $2,640.40

The Preston's

Raised: $2,586.87

The Johnny Moreira Group

Raised: $1,975.43

Big Fil's Birthday Team

Raised: $1,663.28


Raised: $1,332.63

Team Sunrise

Raised: $1,238.56

Team CareyMorrison

Raised: $1,045.20

Happy Feet

Raised: $1,033.90

LPX Fitness

Raised: $889.13


Raised: $805.51

Team Lighthouse

Raised: $627.12


Raised: $441.95

2 South In Tha House

Raised: $381.50

Berry Gage LLP

Raised: $365.82

Joelle’s Joggers

Raised: $365.82

Lea’s legacy warriors

Raised: $337.43

Howard Team

Raised: $313.56

Lighthouse Warriors

Raised: $261.30

Team Foulon Norton

Raised: $261.30


Raised: $235.17


Raised: $235.15

Cocktail Squad

Raised: $183.62

Rotherglen School Oakville K-8

Raised: $127.26

RBC Cirque de Sore Legs

Raised: $104.52

Team Browning

Raised: $104.52

Oakville A's Major Peewee AA Team

Raised: $104.52

Sheehan Family

Raised: $104.52

Moving Forward Daily

Raised: $104.52

The Sawyers

Raised: $104.52

Halton Junior Civitan

Raised: $82.26

Lions Valley Athletics

Raised: $67.94

E J James Middle School

Raised: $52.26

The A Team

Raised: $50.00

Paw Patrol

Raised: $26.13

Team Das

Raised: $26.13

Team Feberwee

Raised: $26.13


Fundraiser information

Don Murray

Raised: $28,687.50

Great Grandma Kay "99" Smith

Raised: $5,957.64

Gerry Willard

Raised: $2,010.73

Melissa Gaston

Raised: $1,776.84

michael zajdman

Raised: $1,505.09

Grace Marshall

Raised: $1,307.77

Mary King-Lyons

Raised: $1,177.12

Andrea Teele

Raised: $1,000.00

Joe Oswald

Raised: $965.82

Colette Sicoli

Raised: $940.68

Heather Rondeau

Raised: $883.19

Gaye Gemmell

Raised: $836.87

Chris Marshall

Raised: $783.90

Helen Arsicot

Raised: $705.51

Jennifer Mader

Raised: $548.73

Sarah Sims

Raised: $522.60

Filomena Dennis

Raised: $513.56

Lynn Moreira

Raised: $496.47

Amelia Sims

Raised: $470.34

Melanie Sinfield

Raised: $402.40

Kimberly Vanstone

Raised: $365.82

Brian Vanstone

Raised: $365.82

Deborah McQuinn

Raised: $365.82

Christian Lyons

Raised: $313.56

Karen Phelps

Raised: $261.30

Ken Pickthall

Raised: $261.30

Joe Johnson

Raised: $261.30

Kathy Mance

Raised: $261.30

Anne Smith

Raised: $261.30

Jennifer Norton

Raised: $261.30

Matthew McQuinn

Raised: $261.30

Renée Desgagne

Raised: $261.30


Raised: $235.17

Mason Moreira

Raised: $235.17

Mauro Campanelli

Raised: $234.04

Bobbi Jo Panetta

Raised: $230.99

Sharon O'Donnell

Raised: $209.04

Matt Cockton

Raised: $209.04

Stephen Wenzl

Raised: $209.04

Kirsten Campbell

Raised: $182.91

Carol Johnston

Raised: $182.91

James Read

Raised: $182.91

Alannah Henderson

Raised: $156.78

Monica Stiner

Raised: $156.78

Joyce Campbell

Raised: $156.78

Shawna Dennis

Raised: $156.78

Rachel Matos

Raised: $156.78

Gabsy Evans

Raised: $151.55

Riley Dickson

Raised: $135.88

Owen Hargreaves

Raised: $130.65


Raised: $130.65

Cherylin Foxon

Raised: $130.65

Alexander Jaramillo

Raised: $129.52

Kevin Yuen

Raised: $104.52

May Runs

Raised: $104.52

Zack Fernandez

Raised: $104.52

Monica Nagasuye

Raised: $104.52

Vera Galati

Raised: $104.52

Esther Hagerman

Raised: $104.52

Eamonn Keane

Raised: $104.52

Robbie Preston

Raised: $104.52

Charlotte Browning

Raised: $104.52

Viviana Smith

Raised: $104.52

Cathie Nuss

Raised: $104.52

Kim Millan

Raised: $104.52

Trevor Boppre

Raised: $104.52

Karen Smith

Raised: $104.52

Emily Clarey

Raised: $104.52

Thaksena Rangarajan

Raised: $104.52

Mark Preston

Raised: $104.52

Greg Norkett

Raised: $104.52

Sandra McLoughlin

Raised: $104.52

Alex Wilson

Raised: $104.52

Mandy Nagra

Raised: $104.52

Andrea Lyons

Raised: $104.52

Laura Falby

Raised: $104.52

Maarten Jansen

Raised: $104.52

Dan Conroy

Raised: $104.52

Karen Drummond

Raised: $104.52

Michael McQuinn

Raised: $104.52

Christopher Warren

Raised: $104.52

Steven Matos

Raised: $104.52

Zachary Yu

Raised: $102.26

Olivia Martin

Raised: $100.00

Matheus Krumme

Raised: $100.00

Tanya Martin

Raised: $83.62

Josh Allen

Raised: $78.39

Emily McIntosh

Raised: $78.39

Aiden Moreira

Raised: $78.39

David Keggin

Raised: $76.13

Paula Kostesku

Raised: $52.26

Andrew Lee

Raised: $52.26

Ethan SMith

Raised: $52.26

Katherine Smith

Raised: $52.26

Orlanda Sousa

Raised: $52.26

Helen Girardo

Raised: $52.26

Brendan Kenalty

Raised: $52.26

Allan Brooks

Raised: $52.26

Courtney Wright

Raised: $52.26

Luke Warcop

Raised: $52.26

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
May 11 Daniels Wintrip I support you, Jenn! Undisclosed amount
May 11 Christine Vazz $26.13
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May 11 Leslie Adams So, have you become a runner? $52.26
May 11 Lysanne Love you mom, so proud of all the work you do for the community $52.26
May 10 Rod and Patsy Good luck Anne! This is such a great cause. $104.52
May 10 Bambi Reeves GO GO GO ! xoxoxox $26.13
May 10 Doug and Nancy Sims Go Sarah! $261.30
May 10 Doug and Nancy Sims Go Amelia! $261.30
May 10 Andrew Jennings Good on ya Anne , just like your sister was always involved in these type of events . $104.52