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rare Charitable Research Reserve

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The rare Charitable Research Reserve is an urban land trust and environmental institute in Waterloo Region/Wellington, with its first four locations protecting almost 1,000 acres of highly sensitive lands. Since inception, rare has taken care of the land on behalf of the community through the use of Western tools in conservation, research and education. As rare becomes engaged in reconciliation with the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island (North America), these pillars have gained flexibility and now equally include and value Indigenous ways of knowing and being — becoming three strands of a strong braid. Together we will steward these lands with respect for generations past, present and those yet to come, intact in perpetuity with trees more than 250 years old, 24 habitat types, and 6 of 8 pre-settlement landscapes.


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Sep 19 Genevieve Caron Go Joy+Doug go !!! Thank you for everything you do for the common good CA$108.31
Sep 19 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Sep 19 Heather Turner CA$54.63
Sep 19 Anonymous CA$79.54
Sep 19 Bill Mungall CA$54.63
Sep 19 Rae Crossman Undisclosed amount
Sep 19 Christi, Des, and Gwen CA$50.00
Sep 19 Joy + Doug Thanks Jake! Your Red Bear is alive and well and out in the world doing good. You have just protected another 12.5 sq m of very special land CA$27.80
Sep 19 Joy + Doug CA$27.80
Sep 19 Joy + Doug Thanks Mira! Your support protects the river and streams at rare -- for health now and for lots of kids to enjoy in the future! CA$27.80