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United Way of Greater Los Angeles

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We’ve helped power some of the most impactful and innovative policy initiatives, coalitions, and programs to create an LA for all to thrive. From creating pathways out of poverty to bringing affordable housing to communities across Greater L.A. through innovative design and strategic funding, our work is focused on the people who are most in need of support.  

We’re turning your contributions into support for people in crisis and creating shared prosperity in communities across Greater Los Angeles. 

For generations, your contributions have helped us care for the people of L.A. County. Whether helping a young student graduate from their dream university, connecting unhoused community members with life-saving medical care, or bringing meals to nearly 1,000 low-income families in a single day—our work is a reflection of your support. 

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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Oct 20 Anonymous $1,620.00
May 20 Córdobas Undisclosed amount
May 20 Meesun Park $104.50
May 15 Randall Baumberger $261.25
May 15 Megan and alex $104.50
May 14 Peter Quinones You’ve officially taken money from the Right.. 🤗 #bipartisan #youwouldbetheteamcaptain $412.87
May 14 Anonymous $26.13
May 14 Uncle Danny $25.00
May 14 Daniel Nguyen $26.13
May 14 Michael Chavez $50.00