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Raise money for Mountaintop Readers

RFI 2015; 25% proceeds will be used for library operations, i.e. books, technology, and programming.  The other 75% is for the New Building Fund to proceed in creating a building committee to work on a development plan, and start with preliminary drawings, surveys, and permits.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Sep 02 James and Katherine Morvay $125.00
Sep 02 Ruth Bullwinkle $25.00
Sep 02 Austin Evers $5.00
Sep 02 Ashleigh Evers $5.00
Sep 02 Alexis Evers $5.00
Sep 02 Robert P Evers $40.00
Sep 02 Linda S Evers $40.00
Aug 27 Richard and Nancy Smith $50.00
Aug 25 Cindy Robeson $10.00
Aug 25 Bruce Wilson $25.00