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Name Location Sub-event
Abby McLaughlin Winchester, CA 10k
Abra Adamo Ottawa, CA 12.5k
Agnes Jung Mississauga, CA Merchandise Only
Agnes Jung Mississauga, CA Merchandise Only
Alain Pilote Ottawa, CA 100k
Alain Pilote Ottawa, CA Merchandise Only
Alex Flint Toronto, CA 23k
Alex Flint Toronto, CA Merchandise Only
Alexander Popovics Schenectady, US 50k
Alexander Black Ottawa, CA 10k
Alexander Popovics Schenectady, US Merchandise Only
Ali Campbell Ottawa, CA 12.5k
Alison Jones kanata, CA 23k
Allison Burnett Ottawa, CA 50k
Allison Sutherland Nepean, CA 10k
Allyson Chisnall Ottawa, CA Virtual Run
Allyson Chisnall Ottawa, CA Merchandise Only
Allysun Welburn wakefield, CA 10k
Amanda Brandimore gatineau, CA 36k
Andrew Titus Fredericton, CA Virtual Run
Andrew Roberts Wakefield, CA 100k
Angela Koskie Ottawa, CA Merchandise Only
Angela Koskie Ottawa, CA 50k
Anna Huh Mississauga, CA Merchandise Only
Anna Kobb Toronto, CA 23k

Event Location

Breton Beach, Lac Philippe, Gatineau Park, Quebec, Canada

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