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Kitchener Kids with Cancer 2018

10 KM & 5 KM Trail Run & Walk

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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Maya's Misfits Join team Heather Dixon Heather Dixon, Alex Kolbasnik, Stefan Kolbasnik, Maya Kolbasnik, Alexandra Ilich $108.31
Christopher's Chicks Join team Tracy Eckhardt Tracy Eckhardt, Christopher Eckhardt, Amanda Miller, David Miller, Cassandra Muhlbock $82.43
Inspired By Sara Join team Amy Forwell Amy Forwell, Derrick Forwell, Sara Forwell, Zack Forwell, Emma Forwell, Michelle McMillan, Charlotte McMillan, Chris McMillan, Hollie Talbot, Brad Talbot, Reese Talbot $82.43

Event Location

Waterloo Regional Museum, Kitchener, ON, Canada

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