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Bad Beaver Ultra 2019
La fusée de poche des courses par étapes ! / The pocket rocket of stage races!

 Une course par étapes de trois jours sur 150km dans la région de la capitale du Canada / A 3-day 150 km stage race on foot in Canada's capital region  

Le Bad Beaver Ultra est une course par étapes semi-supportée qui exige les participants et participantes de couvrir à pied la distance de 150 km sur trois jours. Ceux-ci et celles-ci auront ainsi l'occasion de découvrir les nombreux et surprenants visages du site historique et merveilleux qu'est le parc de la Gatineau. Course en solo ou en équipe de 2!

The Bad Beaver Ultra is a 3-day, 150 km, self-supported stage race on foot that will take competitors through many of the unique and wondrous aspects of one of Canada’s most historic and scenic parks – the Gatineau Park. The Bad Beaver Ultra is not your typical stage race. Race solo or as part of a team of 2!

Registration fees 55 spots remaining

Solo 55 spots remaining

    1. $499.00
      Aug 22 - Sep 21
    2. $599.00
      Sep 22 - Jul 30

Équipe (2-personnes) / Team (2-person) 55 spots remaining

Course en équipe de 2 personnes. Les membres de l'équipe doivent rester ensemble tout au long de la course. Veuillez inscrire les deux participants dans une transaction et chacun recevra 10% de rabais sur le prix d'inscription régulier (appliqué à la caisse). ------ Race as a team of 2 people. Team members must stay together throughout the race. Please register both participants in one transaction and each receive 10% off of the regular registration price (applied at checkout).

    1. $499.00
      Aug 22 - Sep 21
    2. $599.00
      Sep 22 - Jul 30

Important - New for 2019

For safety reasons and for the smooth planning and functioning of the race, the BBU will be implementing the following policies/changes for 2019:


Up to March 31 2019 = 50% refund. Between April 1, 2019 - June 30, 2019 = 50% credit toward entry to 2020. No transfers.

A stage race of this type requires a lot of planning and is based on the number of registrations. We appreciate your understanding on these points.

Cut-Off Times 

Cut-offs will be imposed starting in 2019. For participants' safety and comfort, we want to ensure that everyone has enough time to eat and rest before starting the next stage. Please note that participants who are not meeting cut-off times will not be pulled from the race if they are fit to continue; instead, they will be skipped ahead to a forward CP. These participants will be able to complete the remainder of the race if they wish, but will not qualify for UTMB points. The following cut-offs speeds will be in effect for 2019 and monitored at key CPs along the course: 

  • Stage 1: avg. speed of 4.50km/hr 
  • Stage 2: avg. speed of 4.25km/hr 
  • Stage 3: avg. speed of 4.25km/hr


Participants will be responsible for their own breakfasts and in-race nutrition throughout the event, including salts. 3BR will provide hot water and coffee in the mornings, snacks at camp in the afternoons, and dinners on the Weds, Thurs and Fri nights. A finisher's lunch will also be provided on Saturday after the race.

Event Schedule

  • August 1 6:00 AM EDT - Stage 1 Start / Début Étape no. 1

  • August 2 5:00 AM EDT - Stage 2 Start / Début Étape no. 2

  • August 3 6:00 AM EDT - Stage 3 Start / Début Étape no. 3

  • August 3 1:00 PM EDT - Race Finish / Fin de course

Contact Information

Event Location

Gatineau Park, Chelsea, QC, Canada

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