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About our Team

Synapcity brings people and institutions together to open mindsets, share ideas, understand perspectives and collaborate on initiatives to improve our city, without political agenda or bias. We do this by facilitating inclusive conversations that address the challenges and opportunities we face as a city.


This team is raising funds under the umbrella of the Social Planning Council of Ottawa (SPCO). SPCO builds connections and capacity in the community by bringing people and organizations together to take action on social and economic issues. The SPCO is supporting community responses to the COVID-19 crisis in many ways, including:

  • Ensuring that marginalized and vulnerable groups have access to adequate information and resources.
  • Building the capacity of grassroots organizations to address challenges their members are facing.
  • Facilitating information exchange and collaboration at multiple levels, between government, mainstream service providers, grassroot organizations and vulnerable residents.
  • Supporting and encouraging local initiatives to exchange knowledge and promising practices.

We are also taking direct action through initiatives like the Collaborative Food Pantry, which gives vulnerable residents access to affordable, healthy food.

Team members

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Judith Maxwell

Raised: $5,575.00

Team captain

Ken Victor

Raised: $2,817.00

Nicholas Harrison

Raised: $1,350.00

Krista Benes

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jul 09 Bert Snow Hike well! Undisclosed amount
Jul 09 Keith Neuman Good to see you are heading where you are needed. $100.00
Jul 09 Mark Jennings Kudos to you Ken for advancing this worthwhile cause. $50.00
Jul 09 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jul 09 Peter Morgan Go Ken Go! $25.00
Jul 08 Charlie Orsak Happy to support a worthy endeavor $42.00
Jul 08 Lew Auerbach A truly worthy cause. Well done! Undisclosed amount
Jul 08 Lew auerbach A great cause Ken. They are lucky to have you! $200.00
Jul 08 Monica Rosenthal Go Ken! $100.00
Jul 08 Barry Schneider Enjoy the race! $25.00