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We help spinal cord injury survivors live more independent and hopeful lives.

On October 20, 1995, Travis Roy was a promising freshman hockey player for the Boston University Terriers playing in his first Division 1 college hockey game. Eleven seconds into his first shift he fell and hit his head against the boards. He sustained a spinal cord injury that would leave him a quadriplegic for the rest of his life. 

On October 29, 2020, twenty-five years and 9 days after his initial injury, our friend Travis died of complications resulting from his paralysis.  

In the 25 years in between, Travis founded and led the Travis Roy Foundation. The Foundation has raised almost $20 million from everyday New Englanders and hockey players and fans all across America. We have made quality of life grants to more than 2,100 spinal cord injury survivors helping them afford adaptive equipment they need to ease the burden of their paralysis on themselves and their families. We have also funded more than $5 million in medical research into the mysteries of paralysis and potential solutions that could lead to greater movement and ability.

Travis liked to say that, before his injury, he lived is life with a passion for hockey. After his injury, when his beloved hockey career abruptly ended, his life was guided by the purpose of helping other people living in a wheelchair live more independent and hopeful lives.  

The running community has always been incredibly supportive of Travis and his Foundation. The Asics Falmouth Road Race has always welcomed TeamTRF with open arms. This year, more than ever, we are hoping to raise as much money as possible to help continue Travis' mission for as long as possible.  

Thank you, in advance, for your support! 


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Raised: $8,593.40


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Jason Cook

Raised: $2,117.15

Edward Farrington

Raised: $1,364.20

Angus Leary

Raised: $1,090.85

Shannon Leary

Raised: $1,090.85

Brooke Patterson

Raised: $808.25

Nancy Pecoraro McManus

Raised: $743.40

Jasmine Larke

Raised: $446.60

Samantha Muther

Raised: $357.65

Katie DaSilva

Raised: $329.55

Eliza Kennedy

Raised: $166.05

Meagan McCarthy

Raised: $67.10

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Jul 13 Anna and Mike Run!!! $109.85
Jul 13 Liv Imprescia Love you Brooke! So proud of you ♥️ $109.85
Jul 13 Neil Sheehan Run fast and have fun! $109.85
Jul 13 Bess and Dan Mulvihill Good luck, Nancy! $109.85
Jul 12 Julie Good luck and have fun!! $109.85
Jul 12 Anonymous Good luck!! $55.35
Jul 01 Anonymous $109.85
Jun 27 100 $109.85
Jun 27 Webber Family Love you Jazzy. Good luck on your upcoming run for a truly wonderful cause. Uncle Kev and Aunt Jan. $55.35
Jun 27 Michelle Hunt Jasmine what an amazing organization and support that your team is giving ..I’m not surprised at your participation for this . $28.10