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For participating in The 2021 ASICS Falmouth Road Race

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Why this is important to me!

I am running Falmouth and fundraising for DetecTogether because I believe in their mission. DetecTogether is working to increase cancer survival rates through early detection.

DetecTogether teaches people how to detect cancer early and to advocate for themselves as patients. 40% of American adults will face a cancer diagnosis and you can be 10x more likely to survive if it is detected early vs. late. 

I was surprised to learn that there are 100 types of cancer and screenings for only 6 types. For the rest, knowing what to watch for is really important. Any funds raised help DetecTogether provide FREE programs in high schools, colleges, and for people at high risk for cancer, like firefighters. 

Thanks for considering supporting me. 



DetecTogether teaches people how to recognize cancer symptoms and work with doctors to accelerate the time to diagnosis. Forty percent of us will be diagnosed with cancer. In many cases you are 10 times more likely to survive when diagnosed early vs. late.

Our Strategy: 3 Steps Detect

3 Steps Detect is simple and effective. There are more than 100 types of cancer and CDC-recommended screenings for only four types. We sorted through the complexity of identifying cancer symptoms and developed this easy-to-follow roadmap for early cancer detection.

We believe that ALL people need this life-saving information. DetecTogether delivers its 3 Steps Detect training to high schools, colleges, community groups, organizations and workplaces throughout New England and beyond. Our offerings also include a tailored education for first responders who have an elevated risk of developing cancer because of their exposures at work 

Your support is key to saving lives! 

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jul 28 Brien and Susan O’Connor Go Charlie!!! $109.85
Jul 28 Lisa B Great cause, Great kid! Have fun Charlie Undisclosed amount
Jul 12 Jim and Nancy Coghlin Charlie - Thank you for your efforts on behalf of DetecTogether! You are helping to save more lives through the power of early detection. $218.85
Jul 07 Justin, Heather, Alex, Brendan and Justin Maykel Great cause, Charlie! $55.35
Jul 01 The Lizotte Family We are so proud of you, Charlie, and thrilled to know that you will be raising funds for DetecTogether, an incredible organization! XOXO $55.35
Jun 25 Kathleen and Tom Go for it, Charlie! $109.85
Jun 23 The Curtis Family Undisclosed amount
Jun 23 Nicky Franzoso $50.00
Jun 22 Uncle Pat $109.85
Jun 21 The Nolli's Doing great things! Go Charles Undisclosed amount