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Love Puppies mission is to End Puppy Mills in Canada by raising awareness and education, promoting adoption, and assisting with large scale rescues.  Puppy mills are a cruel multi-million industry that thrive by commercially breeding dogs in horrible conditions and selling them online or through breeders. Many Canadians are unaware of the industry and unknowingly purchase puppies from mills. Often these dogs experience health issues and the dogs kept for breeding live in conditions we cannot fathom. Canadians are welcoming Dogs into their homes at a growing rate right now, it is important we are aware of where our best friends come from.

Friends of Humane Society International (Friends of HSI) is a national animal protection charity dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals and ending animal suffering. We achieve our goals through research and education, direct animal rescue, emergency response, animal sheltering, animal care programs and more. Friends of HSI is proud to be part of the HSI family of organizations, which together comprise one of the largest and most effective animal protection groups in the world.

Since 2014, Love Puppies and Friends of HSI have partnered together to help end animal cruelty and to create a more humane world. Together, we work to help the greatest possible number of animals and to save those who are suffering from the most severe abuse, investing our time, effort and resources in ways that will make a real difference. But we can’t do it without your support! We are stronger together and we would like to invite you to join our team and support our 2020 Yorkville Run to End Puppy Mills and to help all animals!

Proceeds raised from the Yorkville Run in 2020 will be donated to the Friends of Humane Society International to stop the inhumane treatment of Dogs in Puppy Mills.   

Please join our team for the 2020 Yorkville Run to End Puppy Mills!


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Recent donors
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Apr 30 farzaneh satei I love all kind of dogs and in memory of my lovely dog Sammy CA$5.32