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The i2P Run is first and foremost a celebration of trail running and showcase of the beautiful Gatineau Park in Quebec, Canada. This year, it takes place on the weekend of August 19-20, 2017. Distances are 100km, 50km, 36km, 23km, 12.5km and 10km over a complete variety of trails including: beaches, single track, country paths, open fields, and passing by beautiful lake shore. Choose the route that intrigues you the most, or change your mind mid-run depending upon how you are feeling. It’s designed to be low stress, high fun. So, no official timing or results. Share and compare your time with your friends if you wish. The run will also be self-supported. Bring picnic lunch afterwards. There's also a virtual run for those who cannot make it to the event in person! Run your own event and earn your i2P dog tag!

All proceeds of the run will go to support impossible2Possible's (i2P) youth expeditions. The mission of i2P is to encourage youth to reach beyond their perceived limits, and to use adventure as a medium to educate, inspire and empower our global community to make positive change in the world. i2P aims to equip today's youth with the understanding and belief that they have the power to change the world. We envision a world of achievers that believe in their hearts that nothing is out of the realm of possibility! The vision of impossible2Possible (i2P) is to use adventure to cultivate a generation of leaders, whose direct experiences and education will prepare them to lead social and environmental action all across the world. To achieve this, i2P uses a combination of world-class expeditions, youth expeditions, leadership training and fully interactive web based educational resource material. All expedition expenses are covered for youth ambassadors participating and all i2P Experiential Learning Programs are delivered free of charge to schools and students around the world.

What is i2P?



Please note that the 10k and 12.5k runs will take place on SATURDAY, AUGUST 19th while all other events (except for the 100k) take place on SUNDAY, AUGUST 20th.

Registration for the 100k will close on August 1st at NOON (EST) or when the maximum number of participants has been reached. Free parking passes are available to the first 50 participants who request them. If you do not get a free pass, you will need to pay the $11 parking fee to park at Breton Beach or carpool with someone who has a pass. If you are a season's pass holder or are camping, your parking fees are already covered.


Registration fees

Women's Trail Festival Participants ONLY!! Closed

This option is for the participants in the women's trail festival who get a free race entry in the 12.5k distance. We will be checking the names of anyone who enters through this option to make sure you were registered for the women's trail festival.

  1. Free
    May 1 - Aug 16

50k Closed

Registration closed
  • Combines technical and non-technical sections.

    1. $30.00
      May 1 – Jul 31
    2. $35.00
      Aug 1 – Aug 16

36k Closed

Registration closed
  • Combines the 23k and the 15k courses for a technical and non-technical experience!

    1. $20.00
      May 1 – Jul 31
    2. $25.00
      Aug 1 – Aug 16

23k Closed

Registration closed
  • The easiest and safest course - an out and back.

    1. $20.00
      May 1 – Jul 31
    2. $25.00
      Aug 1 – Aug 16

12.5k Closed

Registration closed
  • This course is shorter but very technical.

    1. $20.00
      May 1 – Jul 31
    2. $25.00
      Aug 1 – Aug 16

10k Closed

Registration closed
  • A non-technical, shorter course for those with less trail running experience.

    1. $20.00
      May 1 – Jul 31
    2. $25.00
      Aug 1 – Aug 16

Virtual Run Closed

Registration closed
  • Run or walk the distance you want on any course anywhere in the world!

    1. $20.00
      May 1 – Jul 31
    2. $25.00
      Aug 1 – Aug 16


The full 100k course is now run in Gatineau Park! The 100k course will be divided in two 50k segments, separated by a rest period. The first 50k leg will start around 10pm on August 19, 2017, following a meal and presentations by our guest ultra-runners (location to be determined), and will end at Breton Beach in Gatineau Park. This part of the course will be run in the dark on a mix of technical and non-technical trail, and is somewhat self-supported (fuel and gear requirements will be sent to participants prior to the event - water will be supplied at approximately 10k intervals). As an added bonus, participants will run the first half of the course with Ray Zahab, as well as our special ultra-runner guests. Runners are required to be at Breton Beach for 5pm on August 19, 2017. They will be shuttled to the start. The first part of the course remains a secret until race day!

For the second half of the 100k, participants will join the 50k runners for the 8am start at Breton Beach and run the 50k course (see 50k details below). Runners will need to meet the 50k start time and time cutoffs in order to run the full 100k. Participants need to have some technical trail running experience, as well as night time running as part of their training for this event. We strongly advise that participants in the 100k event have run at least the equivalent of a marathon distance. This is for your protection as well as the safety of all involved.

In addition to the meal and special time with Ray Zahab and our other ultra-runner guests, each 100k runner will receive, as part of a special gear package, a free parking pass, an i2P Run technical singlet (for anyone who signs up before July 1st only!), an i2P Run hoodie, as well as an i2P dog tag and a finishers’ i2P belt buckle (*please note that the belt buckle will ONLY be given to people who complete the full 100k distance). This is an experience you will not want to miss! This event is limited to 25 runners. Registration for the 100k will close at the latest on August 1st to allow planning for logistics. Registration may close earlier if the maximum number of participants has been reached.

50k, 36k, 23k, 12.5k, 10k

The 50k, 36k, 23k, 12.5k and 10k runs start and finish at Breton Beach, Lac Philippe.

The 10km and 23km courses are the easiest technically. The 12.5km loop is significantly more technical. The 36k course combines the 23k and the 12.5k routes for the best of both worlds. The 50k course includes the 36k and an additional out and back section that is non technical.

Sign-in and race kit pickup for these distances will take place between 7am-7:50am on both days. The 12.5k and 10k runs will start on SATURDAY, AUGUST 19TH at 8:00am sharp. The 50k, 36k and 23k runs start on SUNDAY, AUGUST 20TH at 8am sharp. Runs on both days will be a rolling (controlled) start. It is your responsibility to read the map and the trail signs. Dog tag medals will be given to all finishers. There will also be i2P belt buckles for all 50k finishers (*please note that the belt buckle will only be given to people who complete the full 50k distance).

**Please note that distances are approximative. Course maps: 10k12.5k23k, 36k (includes the 12.5k and the 23k routes), 50k.


Cut off times will be imposed for all events on Sunday at the Breton beach control point. To proceed out on the rest of the course, you will need to be able to complete your event by 5pm.


Gatineau Park, the Capital’s conservation park, has many unique and diversified ecosystems and heritage features. It covers 36,131 hectares (361 square kilometres) of land and is located where the Canadian Shield meets the St. Lawrence Lowlands and the Ottawa River meets the Gatineau River. Just 15 minutes from Parliament Hill and the heart of the Capital, the Park is a prime destination for visitors and residents alike. It is estimated that Gatineau Park receives over 2.7 million visits each year.

The Gatineau Park mission is to:

  • Preserve and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the Park;
  • Offer quality outdoor recreation experiences that are respectful of the natural environment;
  • Inspire all Canadians, visitors to Canada’s Capital Region and residents to respect conservation values, in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Park.



Stay in Ottawa or camp-out at the event site at Lac Philippe, Gatineau Park. 
If you are interested in camping, please contact us at to obtain our discount code!


Please use carpooling if possible
Parking is at Breton Beach.
It is 45km from Ottawa (less than an hour drive)


There are public washrooms and change rooms at Breton Beach along with drinkable fresh water.


Meet at Breton Beach. Look for the start/finish tent.


Everyone is required to carry the following gear:

  • 500mL of water (1.5L recommended for 38k, 50k and 100k)
  • 200cal of food (1000cal recommended for longer races)
  • Course map and descriptions (Provided to you on site)
  • Trail running shoes recommended for more technical courses



Everyone should bring their own food and water for the event and afterwards. Only emergency supplies will be on course.

You can drop water, food and clothing at the start/finish area. If you are doing the 36km, you can resupply at the 23k point; 50k participants will be able to resupply after 23k and then again after another 12.5k, since their course loops at Breton Beach twice.


There is a mandatory sign in/sign out sheet at the start/finish area. If you do not sign off the course, we will mount a search and rescue operation.

Absolutely no littering! Take everything out that you bring in. Leave no trace.

Stay on the course. Consult the map or ask for help. Do not guess or blindly follow people. Do not make up your own route for two reasons: you will get lost and we won’t know where to find you, and you may cause others to follow you off course.

There are limited special markings on course. Use the map and read the trail signs.

However, this does not mean that you need any special orienteering skills to participate in the event. 


The course is over well-travelled trails no further than a few kms from the nearest cabin or road. We have also planned a number of out-and-back sections where you can check out your lead or plead for food.

There will be some emergency water on course. A safety crew will sweep the course. There will be medical staff stationed on the beach. 

Read your map. Read signs.


There are volunteers at the control points. Everyone will also be carrying a map. All the trails have permanent trail signs at the intersections and along the course. We are only using main trails. GPS is allowed. We also have sweepers at the end of the field. There will be hundreds of people hiking the same trails. Stop and ask for directions. If all else fails, follow the lake to the beaches and start/finish area.


Early bird registration ends on August 1st. Prices increase by $5 after August 1st. Online registration will close on August 16th at noon EST. There will be NO on site registration. Registration for the 100km will close on August 1st (or earlier if maximum number of participants has been reached). Free parking passes are available to the first 50 participants who request them. Those who do not get a free parking pass will need to pay the parking fee at Breton Beach. If you have a season's pass or are camping in the park that weekend, you will not need a parking pass or to pay any extra fees to park at the beach. While you may change up your distance the day of the run, you may not upgrade to the 50k or 100k after August 1st. Sorry, no refunds.

Virtual Run

We realize that not everyone can make it to Gatineau Park, and this opens up the possibility for everyone to participate from all over the world. Trail, or road, chose your distance and come run with us in spirit. You will receive the same finisher's medal as everyone else. Post your photos on our Facebook page or Twitter feed so that we can see the beautiful places you run. Use our event hashtag #i2PRun

Thank You to our Sponsors!













Event Schedule

  • August 19 8:00 AM EDT - 10k and 12.5k start - Breton Beach

  • August 19 5:00 PM EDT - Pre-race meal (100k only) - Location TBD

  • August 19 10:00 PM EDT - 100k start - Gatineau Park

  • August 20 8:00 AM EDT - 23k, 36k and 50k start - Breton Beach

Contact Information

Event Location

Breton Beach, Lac Philippe, Gatineau Park, Quebec, Canada

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