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North Shore Community Resources Society’s (NSCR) mission is to enhance well-being, social connections, empowerment, and community participation for people who live and work on the North Shore. We achieve our mission through the design and delivery of important programs and services offered locally to the 5 municipalities and 2 First Nations located on the North Shore. We envision a thriving, empowered, connected community.

We gratefully acknowledge Neptune Terminals' support and encouragement of our participation in this community event. Thank you!

About Us

North Shore Community Resources (NSCR) envisions the North Shore as a thriving, interconnected community of family, friends, neighbours and colleagues who live, work and play together, providing support to those who need it and ensuring the well-being of all. NSCR is committed to putting this vision into practice. NSCR fosters social connections to reduce social isolation and improve feelings of belonging. We empower people with information and resources so they are able to make good decisions for themselves. NSCR encourages and nurtures community participation so people can better connect to and support our neighbours and build thriving, democratic communities.

In the 1970s when NSCR was founded, Mr. Rogers' advice to children facing scary or difficult things was, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." Since 1976, NSCR has been the place to find 'the helpers', the staff and volunteers who care deeply about the welfare of their community. Today, however, just looking for the helpers is insufficient. At NSCR, we recognize we cannot meet the significant social service needs of our community alone. We need you to step-up and be a helper. 

This year, NSCR staff, volunteers and board members are trying to raise $31,000 in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. This money will help us continue supporting families, seniors, caregivers and other community members in need. We are running, walking, cycling and asking the caring people in our lives to support us with donations.

Donate today, and please share our page with your family and friends. Thank you for your support!


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Team information

NSCR Legal, Housing, and Democracy

Raised: $11,513.00

NSCR Board and Friends

Raised: $8,725.00

NSCR Seniors, Caregivers, and Volunteers

Raised: $7,530.00

NSCR Kids and Families

Raised: $1,885.00


Fundraiser information

Larry Sproul

Raised: $6,650.00

Murray Mollard

Raised: $4,650.00

Miles Mollard Shipley

Raised: $3,300.00

Sue Carabetta

Raised: $2,650.00

Rose Harvey

Raised: $1,550.00

Kathy Jarvis

Raised: $1,100.00

Richard Marshall

Raised: $1,030.00

Tannis Boxer

Raised: $869.00

Rene Allain

Raised: $814.00

Morgan Donahue

Raised: $650.00

Tate Saini

Raised: $600.00

Fariba Aghdassi

Raised: $600.00

Elaine Smith

Raised: $575.00

Cassandra Van Dyck

Raised: $550.00

Melissa Wade

Raised: $475.00

Nadir Surani

Raised: $380.00

Lisa Dooling

Raised: $375.00

Virginia Pateman

Raised: $365.00

Nicholas Smith

Raised: $300.00

Tunde Getaneh

Raised: $255.00

Sabrina Manhas

Raised: $250.00

Sue Irwin

Raised: $215.00

Farzaneh Sani

Raised: $175.00

Tracey MacLennan

Raised: $150.00

Kim Sinclair

Raised: $150.00

Jill nutter

Raised: $125.00

Parisa Amin

Raised: $75.00

annette maglieri

Raised: $75.00

natalie townsend

Raised: $50.00

Karen Roussy

Raised: $50.00

patricia asbun

Raised: $25.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jun 09 Dean Smith $250.00
Jun 09 Anonymous $50.00
Jun 09 Anonymous Good luck in the race, dear cousin! xoxo Undisclosed amount
Jun 09 Seventh Waver Go Rose! $100.00
Jun 09 Walter Pedal faster, Murray! $24.00
Jun 09 Walter Go Miles! $25.00
Jun 09 Sharon Samuels Great going Miles, hope you have lots of fun riding! $50.00
Jun 09 Peter K $50.00
Jun 09 Tracy Lipscombe Good for you Rose! $25.00
Jun 08 Tunde $25.00