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Together we're running towards a pain-free future for kids living with juvenile arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. Please show your support by making a donation to our fundraising team or by letting others know that kids get arthritis too! 

In 2021, we're determined to make our BIGGEST IMPACT yet. We hope you'll run with us to:

  • Bring even more awareness of juvenile arthritis and other rheumatic conditions into the public eye. No child should suffer years before their diagnosis and no youth should have to live alone and isolated with their condition.
  • Set-up much needed support funds/equipment cupboards in clinics across Canada. The burden on families is greater than ever before - and we want to be there for those who need us most.
  • Keep making sure JA research is a PRIORITY! We never lose sight of our goals to find safer and more effective treatments for kids and one day - a cure! 

Team members

Click on one of our team members below to make a donation.

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Daniel Bar-Dayan

Raised: $5,416.00

Wendy Melendez

Raised: $1,690.00

Jeanette Chaput

Raised: $1,550.00

Lyanna Renaud

Raised: $1,000.00

Jenifer Ferguson

Raised: $400.00

Emily and Timber Paris

Raised: $395.00

Chelsey Redlac

Raised: $300.00

Matt Rizkallah

Raised: $270.00

Tony Morgan

Raised: $250.00

Julianna Mar

Raised: $120.00

Team captain

Manny Riebeling

Raised: $100.00

Tony Zhang

Raised: $40.00

Ryan Kwa

Raised: $20.00

Mariana Neves

Raised: $0.00

Matthew Porte

Raised: $0.00

Michael Dean

Raised: $0.00

Milan Langr

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 20 Brenda and Dave $50.00
Jun 19 Aytan Go Wendy!! <3 $50.00
Jun 16 Tony Zhang $20.00
Jun 11 Jen Melendez $50.00
Jun 10 Emelina Fajardo Go Wendy! $50.00
Jun 10 Steller Architectural Consulting Awesome - have a great run! $150.00
Jun 07 Hearth Architectural Inc. Go Daniel! $1,000.00
Jun 04 Max Bader $100.00
Jun 04 Scout Real Estate Good luck with the run and fundraising efforts Daniel, way to go! $250.00
Jun 04 Anonymous Undisclosed amount