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Calmer Choice provides a social-emotional prevention program that aims help children and adults increase inner resilience, reduce the impact of stress and increase their sense of well-being through innovative mindful awareness programs verified by researchers at MIT, Harvard, Yale and Tufts.


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Calmer Choice

Raised: $9,268.50


Fundraiser information

Maggie Heaps

Raised: $2,501.00

David McLellan

Raised: $2,302.60

Kelli Grew

Raised: $1,618.00

Katie Miller

Raised: $1,195.80

Rachel Kerls

Raised: $511.60

Julia Bateman

Raised: $356.80

Kelly Kooharian

Raised: $287.95

Fiona Bob Jensen

Raised: $273.35

Kelli Dottridge

Raised: $221.40

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jul 27 Brooke B Let’s go Maggie 👏 $55.35
Jul 27 Michael Miller $109.85
Jul 27 Kim Green Run fast!! Undisclosed amount
Jul 27 Elizabeth Bobroske absolute QUEEN! Proud of you always ❤️ $55.35
Jul 26 Johanna and Mas Okoshi Thanks for running, see you at the race! $109.85
Jul 26 Kevin McGinnis You’ve got this! $109.85
Jul 25 Bruce and Jean Johnston $273.35
Jul 25 Katie M Happy birthday Katie! $11.75
Jul 23 Anonymous I love you! $218.85
Jul 22 Ellen Clark Go Maggie! $11.75