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Our Story...

Hey, hey — listen up, listen up!

Are you an Ooch/Trillium volunteer? 

Are you looking to get some kilometres in the right direction?

Join our SL10K team and help us raise $30,000 to help support the place and people we all love: Camp Ooch + Camp Trillium and our campers.


A diagnosis of childhood cancer changes life in an instant.

For affected kids and families, it can suddenly feel like everything is about cancer. Camp Ooch offers a hopeful journey, where kids with cancer can just be kids, and families connect with a community of strength and support when they need it the most. 

They are much more than a summer camp—they offer the social cure for childhood cancer. Their camp-inspired programs deliver fun, friendship, and community to 1,900 kids and 745 families year-round, all across Ontario. As a response to COVID-19, virtual camp and in-hospital programs continue to reach kids and families living in isolation, wherever they are.

Please consider making a donation to our fundraising efforts—your gift will make a world of difference!

Cancer changes a child’s life. So does camp. And so can you. 

Team members

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Bev Rosser

Raised: $8,557.80

Bryn Harvey-Raymond

Raised: $5,870.14

Deborah Zemans

Raised: $4,134.17

Jess MacInnis

Raised: $3,486.45

Team captain

Elizabeth Cleminson

Raised: $3,250.46

Barb Robertson-Mann

Raised: $2,310.50

Jenn Staddon

Raised: $2,167.08

Anthony Sestito

Raised: $1,497.47

Alison Bone

Raised: $1,349.55

Alex Frankel

Raised: $1,116.24

Kelly Hall

Raised: $1,088.27

Victoria Rauseo

Raised: $908.48

Christine Bacchus

Raised: $734.48

Shara Birnbaum

Raised: $690.20

Judy Munro

Raised: $600.85

Amanda Kavchak

Raised: $578.57

Julia Sabourin

Raised: $575.04

Ashley Sambrook

Raised: $553.12

Susan Gould

Raised: $539.55

Victoria Holz

Raised: $503.67

Elliot Polster

Raised: $460.54

Kathryn Hamilton

Raised: $453.10

Benjamin Martinez

Raised: $449.12

Cai Hovey

Raised: $423.19

Lea Bouckley

Raised: $397.12

Candice Clarfield

Raised: $352.29

Sophie Zarb

Raised: $351.71

Beth McNeil

Raised: $323.73

Kaitlyn Drury

Raised: $323.16

Jacquelyn Quirk

Raised: $281.94

Peter Pasternak

Raised: $240.26

Samantha Hills

Raised: $224.24

Sasha Palmert

Raised: $191.47

Erin Temple

Raised: $165.48

Joel Scadding

Raised: $161.58

Jillian Sheffield

Raised: $109.06

Elayna Bengall

Raised: $74.13

Benjamin Schultzer

Raised: $54.24

Laura Kong

Raised: $54.24

Kate Ryan

Raised: $22.03

Brooke Guyett

Raised: $20.00

Emily Whitten

Raised: $5.00

Anabela Cotovio

Raised: $0.00

Christi Schuermer

Raised: $0.00

Elana Rosen

Raised: $0.00

Evangeline Tsagarakis

Raised: $0.00

Marissa Murias

Raised: $0.00

Michelle Kong

Raised: $0.00

Steven Lewis

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
May 16 Karen Reich Way to go Alex!!! Have fun! Undisclosed amount
May 16 Alice Proud of you!! Undisclosed amount
May 16 Gilbert Latreille Julia, you are an inspiration for others. Keep doing what you are doing! God bless you. $107.91
May 15 Maria Pasternak So proud, dude! $215.26
May 14 Kim, Troy Jacob and Chloe You are going to crush it Jenn! xo $107.91
May 14 Brian Staddon For my favourite niece!!!!! $107.91
May 14 Anonymous YOU ARE SO INSPIRING MY FRIEND Undisclosed amount
May 14 Jodi $54.24
May 14 Anonymous $107.91
May 14 Victoria Joseph You are AMAZING!!!! 😍😍😍 $27.41