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ALS ONE is a united partnership of world leaders in ALS research and care focused on expediting breakthrough treatments for ALS while providing care resources and equipment to those living with the disease now. Our team of ALS researchers, doctors, and care practitioners from MGH, UMass Medical School, ALS TDI, and Compassionate Care ALS is unique for its leadership in efficiency, dedication to innovative research, and commitment to increasing access to care and treatment.

Your donations support critical ALS research while providing care resources and essential equipment to individuals living with ALS today.  Thank you for your generosity!


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Team information


Raised: $291,987.45


Fundraiser information

Julie Faucher

Raised: $55,490.70

Dana Panepinto

Raised: $19,850.75

Rocky Morrison

Raised: $14,437.10

Peggy Pollizi

Raised: $12,110.05


Raised: $8,126.65

Sean Kelly

Raised: $7,965.55

John Fleming

Raised: $6,713.00

Kristine Shifrin

Raised: $6,544.37

Cheryl Tufts

Raised: $6,467.60

Jennifer DiMartino

Raised: $5,452.50

Christina Coniglio

Raised: $5,130.83

Nancy Reeder

Raised: $5,130.15

Dave Bent

Raised: $5,030.50

Michael Garcia

Raised: $4,837.10

Camilla Martin

Raised: $3,997.20

Sarah Clogston

Raised: $3,572.05

Nicole Barbuto

Raised: $3,531.64

Rose Manning

Raised: $3,190.10

Daniel Fitzpatrick

Raised: $3,186.67

Zachary Kennedy

Raised: $3,056.30

Andrew Abu

Raised: $2,898.45

Cillian Connor

Raised: $2,706.75

Kate Donnelly

Raised: $2,702.30

Theresa Flanigan

Raised: $2,623.00

Amanda Sheehan

Raised: $2,466.05

julia hart

Raised: $2,400.25

Carlisle Jensen

Raised: $2,361.75

Cindy Callahan

Raised: $2,356.25

Christine Fahey

Raised: $2,342.60

Amy Fisher

Raised: $2,274.90

Cristiana Amara

Raised: $2,266.15

Tony Buckman

Raised: $2,259.10

Jim Mourey

Raised: $2,244.45

Shannon Alsheimer

Raised: $2,234.10

Deborah Miller

Raised: $2,198.20

Kristyne Darling

Raised: $2,194.15

Scott Gosnell

Raised: $1,921.25

Sandy Mahoney

Raised: $1,871.60

John Ferraro

Raised: $1,784.60

Jessica Duffy

Raised: $1,777.65

Jessica Pope

Raised: $1,697.85


Raised: $1,677.80

Christine Comfort

Raised: $1,666.55

Terry Byrne

Raised: $1,655.35

Ashley Sullivan

Raised: $1,639.55

Eve Perfetuo

Raised: $1,618.30

Nicole Tufts

Raised: $1,591.50

Faith Franey

Raised: $1,561.05

Sheila Shelley

Raised: $1,548.95

William Callahan Jr

Raised: $1,544.70

Tyler Mourey

Raised: $1,524.66

Kim Howard

Raised: $1,522.42

Audrey Barresi

Raised: $1,243.76

Clinton Bourbonais

Raised: $1,233.79

Nicole Bogert

Raised: $1,222.00

Scott Wayne

Raised: $1,219.70

James Duffy

Raised: $1,207.15

David Diorio

Raised: $1,202.20

Kathi DeMinico

Raised: $1,168.80

Shannon Tufts

Raised: $1,168.49

Tracey Tufts

Raised: $1,145.95

Ashley McPartland

Raised: $1,129.10

Charles Littlefield

Raised: $1,126.35

Elyse Diorio

Raised: $1,126.35

Nicholas Franey

Raised: $1,118.61

Rebecca Smith

Raised: $1,095.95

Ellen Unger

Raised: $1,088.30

Kaitlyn Sarno

Raised: $1,086.40

Cynthia Griffin

Raised: $1,060.90

Sydney Littlefield

Raised: $1,048.43

Lauren Weeks

Raised: $1,031.75

Chris Parker

Raised: $1,029.85

Andrea Schafer

Raised: $1,006.85

Kimberly Russell

Raised: $1,000.00

Shannon Sullivan

Raised: $1,000.00

Carly Viscardi

Raised: $992.55

Jane Abu

Raised: $941.55

Janice McAllister

Raised: $922.95

Jill Callahan

Raised: $826.70

Elizabeth Mullin

Raised: $796.20

Victoria Agnew

Raised: $769.80

Colby Fraser

Raised: $759.10

William McCarthy

Raised: $722.14

Linda McDonald

Raised: $716.15

Daniel Abbett

Raised: $666.90

Eileen Demarkles

Raised: $663.00

Megan Doran

Raised: $661.60

Dave Bombardier

Raised: $656.30

Courtney Brenner

Raised: $644.69

Allyson Bogdanski

Raised: $632.70

Jason Craig

Raised: $609.85

Ilaria Santangelo

Raised: $604.25

Kelly Morrissey

Raised: $599.25

Jamie Callahan

Raised: $578.65

David DeBonis

Raised: $574.80

Ashley Corbin

Raised: $500.00

John Baron

Raised: $383.20

Diane Hallett

Raised: $326.45

Julie Day

Raised: $276.75

Jennifer Mabila

Raised: $275.05

A big THANK YOU to all who have donated so far!

Date Name Amount
May 17 Deb Levanti $30.00
May 17 Thomas Tufts $250.00
May 17 Thomas and Sandra Tufts in honor of Michael Tufts. $300.00
May 17 Rosemary Curnane Catterson $50.00
May 17 The DeCarolis Family Check #2696 received from Cheryl & Mike Tufts from the DeCarolis' Family (now in DP) jd. $500.00
May 16 JAKE and ELAINE CARR Enjoy the day Mr. John! $109.85
May 15 Michael Recycle - 106,513 bottles and cans! $100.00
May 15 John Ferrick $100.00
May 14 Greg Moore Go for it Kathy $28.10