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There are certain tools you should expect from your registration provider. Many of these tools require your participants to be attached to a unique account. A few race directors have mentioned that the option to register online without creating an account would be of interest to them. In our experience, while this might be of interest to you as a race director to simplify the registration process, your participants do not mind creating an account because it allows them to do the following:

1. Raise Funds for YOUR Charity

Each participant has access to their own fundraising platform.

2. Edit THEIR OWN Information

No more emails asking YOU to change their shirt size.

3. Receive Notifications

Keep your participants well informed!

4. Join Teams or Groups

How rad is this?

5. Refer YOUR Race to a Friend & Earn!

Who doesn’t want MORE people on their start line?


Brandon Laan

Brandon is a dad, runner, race director and endurance industry specialist. He spends the majority of his time coaching the sales team at Race Roster while co-directing The Rock The Road 10K. He spent his undergraduate days at Western University before fleeing to Hawaii Pacific University for graduate school. He recently pushed his twin girls, Emma and Sydney to a 1:14 half marathon and is a former winner of The GoodLife Toronto Marathon and Silver Medalist at The Canadian Marathon Championships.