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Virtual challenges

We recently introduced virtual challenges – a NEW virtual event option to further engage your participants. Challenges can be introduced as a standalone virtual event or as an additional category to an existing event, keeping your participants motivated year round! Check out our article to learn more: Introducing virtual challenges to further engage your participants

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Disputes & chargebacks dashboard

We’ve recently introduced the ability to track your chargeback disputes, their status, and the details of the participant who initiated the dispute. We built this feature to provide you with more insight and transparency on credit card chargebacks initiated by your participants. Check out our article to learn more: NEW disputes & chargebacks dashboard

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Multi-sport segments & splits for virtual events

We are excited to announce that you can now host virtual triathlons and multi-day challenges using newly added features from our continuously evolving virtual event toolkit. Add multi-sport segments & splits to your virtual event to accept results with various activities from multiple days. Check out our article to learn more: Introducing multi-sport segments & splits…

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New SMS message tool

Using text messages to communicate is becoming more and more popular for business-to-consumer communications. Brands and other companies have been utilizing text messages to ensure their customers receive important and timely information. According to research completed by Rebrandly, SMS open rates are nearly 5x higher than email. Now you can take advantage of this effective communication channel to directly…

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