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Inventory Management Tool

We’ve introduced an inventory management tool to help you keep track of your event equipment with ease. Simply upload the items you have in your warehouse, garage, or basement, and keep track of where each item is going, when you’ll need it, where you’ve stored it, and how it’s holding up…

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New Duplicate Registration Warning

We have introduced a duplicate registration warning for participants who may be trying to register for your event a second time. Read on to learn why we are confident this new feature will help reduce accidental sign-ups and save you time on refunds.

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Check-in display customization

We’ve recently added the ability to customize your Onsite check-in display. By having control over what’s displayed, you can ensure only relevant information is shown, allowing you to provide a speedy and flawless check-in process for your participants. Learn more about how you can leverage this feature to enhance the participant check-in experience.

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New sorting & display functionality for fundraising organizations

Having the flexibility to sort your fundraising partners allows you to take control over how they are presented to your donors and participants. You now have the power to sort your fundraising organizations in the order of your choice, or alphabetically with the option to highlight specific organizations using the new ‘featured’ functionality. Learn more…

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