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Virtual event toolkit

We value our customers immensely, which is why the entire Race Roster team is working hard to support you during this challenging time. We have just released a NEW virtual event toolkit to help you quickly and easily transition your event into a memorable virtual experience.

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Self-service team switching for your participants

With a large selection of teams to choose from, often having similar names, we understand how participants may end up accidentally selecting the wrong team. It happens to the best of us. We also understand that having to reach out for help can be time consuming – for both you and your participants. Prepare to…

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Inventory Update: GPS & Agenda View

The inventory management tool is quickly expanding. We’ve recently released two enhancements, the agenda view and new GPS capabilities, to further support you in keeping track of your upcoming reservations and streamlining the equipment setup process.

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Registration Question Enhancements

We’ve made some enhancements to the registration questions tool, designed to save you time and streamline the set-up of your registration questions. You are now able to import registration question choices in bulk, saving you from manually entering a long list of options. In addition, you can now specify start and end dates for your…

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