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Introducing participant dashboard settings

We’ve recently introduced a new page to your event organizer dashboard, allowing you to manage your participant dashboard settings with ease. On this new page, you can customize your participant dashboard to your liking, allowing you to ensure that each section is properly labeled and the right messages are being communicated to your participants. Find…

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New payout period reporting features

Payout statements are a great way to pinpoint where your revenue is generated from within each weekly or bi-weekly period. However, you may want to create separate reports covering more in-depth detail on transactions and participant data within each payout period. With our latest release, you can easily filter reports by payout period to get…

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New Custom Domains

You can now host your event page under your very own website URL! Say goodbye to https://raceroster.com/events/2021/38943/seawater-stride and hello to seawaterstride.com. There are several benefits of transitioning your event page over to a custom domain. In this article, we’ll be covering the perks of custom domains and outlining how you can start using one on Race Roster! To…

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Collect signatures for unsigned waivers in 2 new ways

It’s quite common for one person to register for multiple others when signing up for your event. However, your event may require a waiver to be signed by the participant themself, and not by someone else on their behalf. In this case, you will need a way to collect signatures from those who did not…

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