Our story

At our core, we are event organizers and athletes serving event organizers and athletes. Race Roster was founded by a group of friends with combined interests in running, technology, and event management. After organizing their own 10K in 2010, it was very apparent that the running industry was in dire need of better technology. Since May of 2012, Race Roster has partnered with over 4,000 organizers to grow, manage and execute on race day!

Leadership that knows the industry

Alex Vander Hoeven


Bob Pluss


Chantelle Wilder


Brandon Laan

Brandon Laan

VP, Sales

Callie Weaver

HR Administrator

Britt Shannon

Dir, Brand Engagement

Robbie Wilder


Sarah Nielsen

Lead Product Strategist

Janelle Costantino


We take pride in solving common race director problems by experiencing them first hand

We’re event organizers

We love the opportunity to walk a mile in our customer’s shoes. Several team members host their own events and their learnings influence our design and increase our empathy for our users.

We’re participants

We run thousands of miles each year, across hundreds of events. These experiences create employees that advocate for technology that actually improves the user experience on race day.

We’re volunteers

We learn by doing. Many of our technical solutions take shape when we’re on site, watching the action unfold. And, let’s be honest lending a helping hand just feels too darn good.

We value our culture

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Not just user-friendly and well designed. We are creating new software to advance the endurance industry.


Our people are taking the endurance industry places it has never been before. Creative thinking and hard work are right at home here.

Three thumbs up


Supporting our customers starts with supporting those we work with everyday. We encourage our team to stay active in the endurance community.

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