August 16th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Registration Questions
The character length for options has been increased.

Event Organizer > Products
UX enhancements have been implemented when adding a product option.

Event Details Page >
The participant list can now be seen on a mobile device if the participant list is configured to show. 

Event Organizer > Email Campaigns 
Merge tags have been updated for fundraisers as well as in the Personalize your fundraising page email template.

Onsite > Check-in
Updates have been made to check-in page for easier use and better UX. These updates include checking in the participant with the Enter/Return Key.

August 7th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Transfers 
We have released the ability to restrict certain sub-events from the transfer settings.

– If “Restrict which sub-events cannot be transferred OUT of” is checked off, the registrant cannot transfer OUT of the sub-event that they are currently in. For example, those who are in the Marathon cannot transfer to another sub-event
– If “Restrict which sub-events cannot be transferred IN to” is checked off, the registrant cannot transfer IN to that sub-event. For example, registrants cannot transfer into the 5K
– If “Exclude certain sub-events from person-to-person transfers” is checked off, the registrant cannot transfer their registration to a new person. For example, those participating in the 10K cannot transfer their registration to a new person.

Event Details Page > Transfers 
The transfer initiation process on the event details has been updated.

Event Organizer > Fundraising 
You can now choose which fundraising organizations to display in the registration flow. By toggling “Show in Registration” on, this will allow participants to donate to the fundraising organization during the registration process. If it is toggled off, donations can still be made through the event details page and the fundraising organization page.

Event Organizer > Fundraising 
The legal name has been added as a field for the fundraising organizations. This also gives the charity the option to display the legal name instead of the charity name.

Event Details Page > Teams
We have added a “View Team” button to the teams list in the action column when team fundraising is disabled.

Event Details Page > Series
If one event page is affiliated with multiple series’; when clicking “register for series”, a dropdown will appear presenting both series’ to register for.

Event Organizer > Event Create 
There are now bars at the bottom of the mandatory event create steps that link to the next step.

July 23rd, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Limits
We have added the participant count to each sub-event letting the Event Organizer know how many participants are in each sub-event.

Event Organizer > Manual Add
When manually adding a participant you can now add the bib number during the process.

Participants > Transfers
Donations are brought over with the participant if they have transferred to a new sub-event.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
There is now a toggle to turn off team fundraising. When this feature is off, donations can only be made toward individual totals and not towards a team total.

July 11th, 2019

Feature Releases

Participant Dashboard > Registrations
You can now visually see the inactive participants on your dashboard.

Event Organizer > Go-Live Process
The fundraising section on the go-live page is being displayed if there are active charities. In some cases, the charities are active, but fundraising is disabled. We now only show the fundraising section in the go-live page if fundraising is enabled, and there are active charities.

Event Organizer > Sponsors
We have added Sponsors to the Event Details page. By going to the Sponsors section of your event dashboard you can add a sponsor and choose to display your sponsors on your event details page. You can group them below to customize how they display on the sidebar.

Event Organizer > Metrics
We have added to our year-over-year metrics with comparison +/- stats. You can see how your event is doing compared to previous years.


Event Organizer > Refund Tool
After completing a refund through the participant list, the refund modal somehow inserted itself into the participant list page > Fixed.

Event Organizer > Third Party Codes
You could not add a date or a value to a third party code > Fixed.

Event Organizer > Products
Product totals and numbers on the dashboard were inaccurate due to transfers > Fixed.

June 27th, 2019

New Releases

Event Organizer > Payment Information 
The Payment profile status has been added to the payment info page.

Event Organizer > RegShield
TicketGuardian has rebranded under a new name, RegShield.The name has been updated across the platform.

Event Organizer > Promo Codes 
We now have the ability to edit promo codes that were originally added as part of a group.

Event Organizer > Promo Codes 
Promo Codes no longer need a start and end date.

Event Organizer > Metrics > Events Overview 
We have released the Events Overview page. You can see updates of your events in real time, update event statuses, duplicate, and see your live, draft/demo, and past events all in one area.

Bug Fixes

Event Organizer > Registration Questions 
The registration questions reorder modal had a display issue > FIxed

Fundraising > Charity Tax Receipts 
Charity tax receipts were not pulling in the custom messaging in the charity tax receipt email > Fixed.

Event Organizer > My Events
When trying to go to the Draft/Demo section of My Events you would error out > Fixed.

Event Organizer > Invoices 
Invoices from the payment link were not showing item descriptions although the pdf is rendering the item description without any issues > Fixed.

June 24th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Event Page Settings 
We have renamed the “Additional Event Details” feature to “Event Page Settings”. With the name change comes the ability to reorder and hide sections from the event details page. You are still able to add additional event details, the countdown clocks, and custom content in this section.

Onsite > Check-in 
During check-in, your cursor will automatically populate the bib number field if there is no bib assigned. If there is a bib number assigned, the cursor will populate the check-in by field.

Email Campaigns >
We have added some new triggers for bundles and promo codes. For Bundles, we have the ability to specify which registrants that are/are not bundled. For Promo Codes, we have the ability to reach out specifying which used/not used promo code (typed out – exact match).


Event Details > Fundraising Leaderboard 
The “Donate Now” button was three different sizes > Fixed

Event Organizer > Refund Tool
There was a display issue with the refund modal > Fixed.

Event Details > Confirm Registration 
Confirm registration on the event details page was not working on mobile devices > Fixed.

June 20th, 2019

Feature Releases

Fundraising > Donation Report 
Donation report now contains donor messages which can be downloaded.

Registration > Registration Questions 
We have disabled the ability to auto-fill answers for additional questions.

Event Organizer > Go Live 
The Go live email now contains the URL to the event details page.

Event Organizer > Branding 
We now provide dimensions for the Event Logo. 400 x 400 pixels.

Event Details > Donations
You can do test transactions for general donations without a payment profile when the event is in demo mode (like test registration transactions).

Registration > Checkout 
The Registration checkout page has updated for free transactions creating an, even more, user-friendly experience.

Event Organizer > Email Campaigns 
We have changed the copy from “reply to” to “enable an alternate reply to email address”.


Club Organizer Dashboard > Packages > Promo Codes 
The Promo code form was not saving/working > Fixed.

Event Organizer > Duplication
During event duplication, conditions for custom validation for registration questions were not carrying over to the new event > Fixed.

Event Organizer > Financials and Reporting 
Transaction fees were not being exported during the downloads of any registration transaction reports > Fixed.

June 2nd, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Details > Confirmation Look-Up
We are now able to hide the sub-event column on the public facing participant list/search pages. 

Event Dashboard > Donations
The progress chart end date for donations will be the last transaction date (if applicable).

June 1st, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer Dashboard
Our Event Organizer Menu has been updated!

May 16th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer Dashboard > Promo Codes
Promo Codes can no longer be called “Test” or “Free”.

Event Organizer Dashboard > Participant List > Participant Edit
When editing a participant’s product from the edit modal in the participant list, product items could be NoneFree or Purchased. We have removed the option None.

May 5th, 2019

Feature Releases

Registration > Donation 
We now have a per registrant donation feature. This allows each registrant in the transaction to make a donation.

Event Organizer Dashboard > Fundraising Settings
Charity Achievements are available for all events to use.

Event Organizer Dashboard > Access Codes
When applying an access code to a specific sub-event you are able to prevent the registrant from registering to another sub-event.