January 16th, 2020

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Social Media & Analytics
We have added a Cross-domain tracking URL section. This makes it possible for Google Analytics to see sessions on two related sites as a single session and track users from multiple sites.

Event Organizer > Sub-events
The default settings for grouped sub-events are now automatically open. Before you had to toggle to see group settings.

January 14th, 2020

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Bib Assignments
The automatic bib assignment toggle has been added to the bib assignments page. Enabling this will automatically assign the next bib number to registrants as they register online (via Race Roster) or onsite (via the onsite kiosk app).

Event Organizer > Fundraising
We have added the estimated payout arrival date to the Fundraising Payout page.

Series > Registration
You can now expand the waiver when registering for a series.

January 8th, 2020

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Products
We have implemented purchase availability dates for Products. By configuring this option you are able to add a time frame in which participants can purchase a product. This will allow you to set a cut-off date for specific products.

Event Organizer > Payouts
If an Event is on Payment hold the Charity can receive payouts if the charity has it’s own approved payment profile.

Event Organizer > Dashboard
We have updated the copy for when an event has Bundles. On the dashboard, it will now display *Registration numbers include individual and bundle registrations. The parent bundle sub-events are listed below.

Event Organizer > Campaigns
The BETA banner has been removed from the Email Campaign tool.

Event Organizer > Campaigns
When testing campaigns to include data from one of your participants, you will be only to select active participants.

Event Organizer > Campaigns
Delayed Campaigns will now look at the lasted template before sending it.

Registration > Series
We have updated the Waiver page during the series registration flow.

Event Organizer > Line Items
We have implemented a new design for our Line Items and Taxes feature.

Registration > Event Details
The Cookie Manager Centre banner has been implemented on the Event Details page and our website.

Participant Dashboard > Registrations
We have added a claim widget to the Participant Dashboard.

January 2nd, 2020

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Fundraising
We have released the ability to turn on mandatory donations for events. By toggling on this feature you are able to set the minimum donation amount. If the user does select the minimum donation amount they cannot continue through the registration process. Moreover, during the initial set-up, you can decide if the required donation is for the entire registration or for each registrant (for when there is more than one registrant in the transaction).

Event Organizer > Access Codes
When exporting your list of access codes, the file will contain the full access code link for each respective code.

Onsite > Check-in
Event Information can now be displayed on the check-in modal.

Event Organizer > Branding
We have updated our branding settings page with new image editors.

December 6th, 2019

Feature Releases

Promoter > Dashboard
We have added a disclaimer at the top of the page letting promoters know “Note: Cash reward values are set by the event. Some events will use this feature for tracking purposes only, where no monetary rewards will be issued out for referred registrations”.

Event Organizer > Campaigns
There is now a disclaimer at the top of the campaign design page letting the user know that “merge data is determined when the recipient triggers the campaign. If the data is not available at the time of triggering, it will not be included in the sent email even if populated later”.

December 4th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Registration Questions
We have added “only ask question between specified dates” as an option for registration questions.

Event Organizer > Payment Profile
Clicking Edit Profile will now take you to your Payment Profiles page on your Account Settings to make any adjustments.

Event Organizer > Limits
We now display the number of people registering (in the queue).

Event Organizer > Refund Tool
When clicking the “partial or no refund” toggle in the Refund the Modal, the “remove participant from event” box is unchecked. This also applies to refunding a donation.

November 27th, 2019

Feature Releases

Registration > Register
We now show a warning message to registrants if they have already registered for the event.

Onsite > Check-in
There is now a friendly bib assignment notice in the check-in modal letting the user know that the registrant has already been assigned a bib.

November 25th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Onsite
Event Organizers can now decide which fields appear in the check-in modal for each registrant on the onsite app.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
Sub-event is now a column in the Fundraising list. This allows Fundraising Coordinators to know which sub-event their fundraisers are participating in.

Registration > Questions
There is now phone number validation when opting into receiving SMS text messages.

Registration > Series
We have implemented the SMS opt-in phone number plugin on series registration

Registration > Series
We have extended the timeout for Series registration to 30mins.

Event Details > Post-Registration Store
If a product is ‘FREE’ then remove the text (FREE) from the listings page (grid/list) and from the product page.

Event Details > Donating
We updated the language “who would you like to donate to?” to “How would you like to apply this donation?”

Event Organizer > Access & Promo Codes
There is a now a creation date listed on the access and promo code summary table.

Event Organizer > Access Codes
We have updated the displayed share code.

November 11th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Dashboard
We have added Team Type as a column to the Teams table on the dashboard.

Event Organizer > Onsite
When you create a kiosk or check-in device, you’re prompted to create a password. However, on Google Chrome, the system auto-fills your account login information. We have now disabled chrome autocomplete on devices. 

Event Organizer > Fundraising
Additional copy has been added to the Payment Method section of Fundraising Payment Profile detailing the $200.00 minimum payout requirement for checks.

November 5th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Fundraising
We have released a feature where event organizers can decide if fundraising organizations can accept donations during registration for specific sub-events. Furthermore, there is functionality for displaying fundraising organizations to specific sub-events.

Event Organizer > Metrics
Events insights are now available for Event Organizers who are interested in receiving monthly statistics regarding their event. Insights include: number of registrations that month, most popular registration date, most popular sub-event, average check out value, and next price increase (if applicable).

Registration > Transfer
The copy has been updated when trying to attempt a “double transfer” (a registration that has been transferred more than once). After the attempt, the registrant will be prompted with “a transfer has already been completed for Jane Doe [Month-Date-Time]. If you are inquiring about a second transfer for this registration please contact (please note: event transfer policies vary by event).

Event Organizer > Payment Information
Postal/ZIP codes are now required when creating a payment profile.

Registration > Gifting
Asterisks have been added to the Gifting page requiring registrants to select an option in order to continue.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
If you have restrictions on fundraising organizations you will not be able to see the order of organizations.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
The copy has been updated for “Set fundraising close date”. The copy now reads “you can choose to set a close date for your donations and fundraising this is different from the default close (21 days after the event date).

Event Organizer > Dashboard
We have added a summary line to the products table on the dashboard providing an accurate count of current products assigned.

November 1st, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Pricing
We now display the estimated number of spots that are available in a block for Block Pricing

Event Organizer > Fundraising
You can now turn off the visibility of a charity. If this is toggled OFF the fundraising organization will not display in your event details, registration, or fundraising pages. Participants will be unable to donate to the fundraising organization. For more information on customizing the order and visibility of fundraising organizations please read this Knowledge Base Article.

Event Organizer > Social Referral
There is now a toggle for hiding the social referral promoter links on public pages. If you uncheck the box this will remove promoter links from the Participant Dashboard, Promoter Dashboard, Volunteer Dashboard, Thank You Page, and Left Navigation menu.

Event Organizer > Duplication
Event Organizers can now duplicate an event and have the fundraising organizations be initially inactive and hidden from public-facing pages.

Security > Time Out Sessions
There is now a session expiry limit within Race Roster. If a user is inactive for longer than 55minutes they will be logged out.

Event Organizer > Dashboard
We have added a banner in the top-left hand corner of the EO Menu letting the Organizer know that their Fundraising Payment Profile is incomplete.

Event Organizer > Dashboard
We have added the elapsed days to the top-right side of the Dashboard.

October 30th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Onsite
We have added in Stripe Terminals and Pay Pads to our onsite kiosk registration and have removed swipers. For more information on Stripe Terminals click here.

Event Organizer > Participant List
You can now send participant claims to registrants who have yet to claim their registration.

Event Details > Registration
We added a Cookie acceptance banner to the public-facing event base so that it appears on all event-related pages (event details, event registration, etc.)

Account Settings > Payment Information
We have added a complete button next to the payment profile if the payment profile is missing the W9. By clicking the complete button, the user will be taken to the W9 page to complete the process.

Registration > Fundraising
We have created an option where the fundraising organization only appears in the registration flow. Other public facing donation options will be removed only allowing the user to donate during registration.

Registration > Series
We now offer additional options for gender i.e. ‘non-binary’ and ‘prefer not to disclose’ during Series registration.

Event Organizer > Onsite
Onsite devices now require a minimum of 9 characters. With a least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and one number.

Registration > Access Codes
Invalid access codes would send you to 500 page, now they will send you to a 400 error page.

Event Details > Bib Number Display
In order to use the bib number display tool, you would have to enable display participants. We have separated both features so you can turn on the bib number lookup tool without turning on display participants.

October 23rd, 2019

Feature Releases

Fundraising > Pledge Page
We have updated the fundraising social media text. The verbiage now displayed on social media says: Help FIRST NAME raise funds for ORGANIZATION leading up to EVENT NAME”.

October 11th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Dashboard
Graphs and charts on the dashboard will now default to the last transaction processed, not the registration close date. For e.g if a donation came in after registration close the old default would not display this.

Event Organizer > Campaigns
When you click save on your template you will get an error if one of your links in the campaign is broken.

Event Organizer > Participant list
There is now a column for a unique participant ID. This will provide the EO and timer with a unique ID number across all RR events. This is very helpful for timers scoring a series of events on Race Roster.

October 3rd, 2019

Feature Releases

Registration > Gifting
We have added no gift registration as an option to the Gifts purchasing page. There are now two buttons; if the user selects yes, give a gift registration they will be presented with gift options.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
The charity goal field is now unlocked allowing the goal it to be updated without rejecting and re-approving charity tax receipts.

Event Organizer > Campaigns
Test email campaigns that had a BCC recipient associated used to send to the BCC email during the test. Now when sending a test campaign with a BCC recipient associated it will only go to the test email.

Event Organizer > Campaigns
We updated the copy on the review and send campaign page to include text about future sending for scheduled campaigns.

Event Organizer > Campaigns
We have a field in the Emai Recipient list called Receiving email address this indicates who the email was sent to. This will also include BCC emails.

Participant Dashboard > Registration
The Event Schedule is removed from the participant dashboard if Event Schedule is not configured.

September 30th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Details > General Donation
We have added a button to the Thank You page that redirects the donor to where they originally were e.g. pledge page or charity page.

Onsite > Check-in
The cart total for deferred kiosk cash payments is now included in the edit participant modal.

September 24th, 2019

Feature Releases

Onsite > Manage Devices
We have added a copy button to the side of each passcode input.

Event Organizer > Homepage
You can now set the new Events Overview page as your homepage.


Onsite > Check-in
Radio button multiple questions were not saving when editing a participant via the participant edit modal > Fixed.

Onsite > Check-in
Manual/Bulk uploaded participants were being marked that payment was still needed. This is now for Kiosk Registration only > Fixed.

Event Organizer > Event Duplication
Sponsors were not being duplicated to the new event correctly > Fixed.

Registration > Series
HTML tags were showing on the waiver > Fixed.

September 13th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Fundraising
We have released Canadian Fundraising Payment Profiles. Fundraising Organizations in Canada now can be paid directly. More information on how to set up Canadian Fundraising Payment Profiles can be found here.

Event Organizer > Fundraising
We have implemented a new design on the Fundraising section and we have also added a feature which gives the event organizers the ability to order the fundraising organization based on their preference.

Event Organizer > Registration Questions
Much like Emergency Contact Information, we have added SMS Opt-In as a question that can be automatically created. By clicking Enable SMS opt-in in registration, it will create the question and conditional question.

Event Organizer > Email campaigns
We have implemented a new design for the senders page, create template page, and template list.

Event Details Page > Donations
Donors now need to sign off on terms of service and privacy policy before donating.

Payment Info > Payment Profiles
We have added style to payment profiles in Draft so that stands out.

Timer > Results
We have launched the ability to update existing results manually without having to delete the previous result set. Previously this could only be done via API.

September 11th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer > Email Campaigns
Since the default test campaign only displays a few values, we have added a feature where your test campaign can include participant information. You can then send a test campaign to yourself which includes populated merge tags.

Fundraising > Charity Tax Receipts
Additional language has been added to the bottom of our tax receipts to ensure these receipts are meeting the current regulations and guidelines for Canada and the United States.

Event Organizer > Bib Assignments
We have implemented a new design on the Bib Assignment page. There are now separate logical sections that have been tabbed for easier management.


Event Organizer > Bib Assignments
The sub-events list was not showing > Fixed.

Event Organizer > Volunteer Settings
Additional questions layout was not displaying properly > Fixed.

Registration > Receipts
The order of products displaying during registration was different than the order in the receipt > Fixed.

Registration > Confirmation Email
There was a display issue with confirmation emails if you were using Firefox > Fixed.

Event Organizer > Campaigns
Going to the Customize page (Step 5) without a campaign template would result in an error > Fixed.